Experience the Authenticity of Japan at Mukaitaki Ryokan!

  • Visiting Japan surely include sightseeing, picture taking from here and there, walking around, and devouring the Japanese cuisines. After a long day of all the activities, it is nice to have a break at a certain place. We want to stay in a place where we can feel comfortable and cared for. Thence, the Mukaitaki Inn is the right place for you!

    What is a Ryokan?

    A ryokan is a traditional Japanese Inn that has originated from the Edo period. The Mukaitaki Ryokan was established in 1873 of the Meiji Period. However, despite its old age, the Mukaitaki still continue to preserve its beauty and traditional style of services and establishments. It is located at Kawamukai-200 Higashiyamamachi Oaza Yumoto, Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima Prefecture 965-0814, Japan.

    Mukaitaki Ryokan

    The Mukaitaki is a gateway to experience the authentic Japanese home. Upon arrival, staffs will welcome you and from the entrance, you will see a lot of slippers for the guests (as it is requested to remove shoes then change into slippers). After checking in, they will carry your luggage and lead you to your designated rooms. After settling in your room, a maid will come to your room that will explain the course and in-house facilities and she’ll serve you with Japanese tea and cake. Rooms are accommodated with a small safe and a small fridge. Each also contains a whole set of yukata, obi, haori, and tabi for every guest. There is also someone that will assist you to wear them in the right way. Also, a pair of wooden clogs of geta is available when you feel like walking around the area. Things such as toothbrush and towels are already prepared together with the yukata. Toilets are coped with warm and cold water.

    Mukaitaki has a variety of spa baths. They have large baths for men and women. Public baths are available in case you want to mingle or associate with each other. There is also an open-air bath to make you feel relaxed while being close to mother nature. Baths for the family are also available in the ryokan.

    Dinner are served in an elegant dinner table filled with fine tablewares. Japanese cuisine is, of course, the main course. Each food is served by maids one after another. Foods are arranged beautifully that will make you feel guilty by eating it and at the same time, makes the eyes hungry. In the morning, they serve the typical Japanese breakfast that includes Gohan (steamed rice), nori (seaweeds), miso soup, tsukemono (pickles), nimono (vegetables), and onsen-tamago (spa-boiled egg).
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