Sweet Addicts? A must-try Popin Cookin Candy Game for you!

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  • If you are a sweet addict, Japan would be like a heaven for you! In fact, there are so many sweets and candies all over Japan! And if you always wanted to make a candy on your own, there are some packages that you can buy. If you are interested in making funny sweets, I would like to recommend one in particular! It is called « Oekaki Canland»

    Once you try it you will soon notice that it is actually for kids. It is great for them because they can learn how to mix colors and they can practice their creativity while enjoying “cooking”. The preparation is pretty easy to understand even if you cannot read the instructions because as I said before, it is made for kids. Moreover, there are always a few pictures to guide you.

    Oekaki kyaland 1

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    1. As shown on the picture, this is the Oekaki Canland candy set.

    Oekaki kyaland 2

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    Everything that you need is inside the package so the colors are included and you have to mix them in order to create new colors.

    Oekaki kyaland 3

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    The white candy is to be torn up into a number of candy pieces that you want to make. It is soft so it’s very easy to do it.
    2. You put it in the form case.

    Oekaki kyaland 4

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    You should fill up all candy cases if you want to have diverse forms of candies.

    Oekaki kyaland 5

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    3. The next step is to prepare the colors. You should usually mix the color powder with a few drops of water.

    Oekaki kyaland 6

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    4. Then it’s time to take the candy out of the form case and to practice painting!

    Oekaki kyaland 7

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    And Finally!

    Oekaki kyaland 8

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    The great thing is that you can choose any color you like, the design will be yours only!

    Oekaki kyaland 9

    I wish you a great fun and I’m sure that if you don’t find this Oekaki Canland game in a store, you’ll always find something similar!