The Best Zoo in Japan: Asahiyama Zoo in Hokkaido!

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  • The best zoo in Japan, Asahiyama Zoo

    Have you heard of Asahiyama zoo? This zoo got first prize in a few Japanese zoo rankings such as on trip adviser.
    In this article, I will tell you the reasons why Asahiyama zoo got the first prize and what it’s special features are!

    1. Exhibition types

    Exhibitions in Asahiyama zoo are different from those in the other zoos. They have special exhibition type called “行動展示 (active exhibition)”. In many zoos in Japan, animals are just put in the cages, but not in Asahiyama zoo. For example, you can walk through the glass pipe installed under water and see how penguins are active in their habitat!

    2. Handwritten explanatory signs about animals

    In many zoos, there are explanatory signs about the animals stating the name, where they naturally live, what’s their features and etc. Asahiyama zoo also has signs, but they are different from those in the other zoos, they are handmade! Most of signs in Asahiyama zoo are made by zoo workers, who know the best about the animals and who love them the best. By reading these signs, we can understand more about the animals and we can also feel how much workers love what they do.

    Now, you can see what’s so charming about Asahiyama zoo. Do you want to go there? And do you want to see all of this by yourself?


    You can get there by bus or train from Sapporo. I recommend you to take the following; a train from Sapporo to Asahiyama, and after that, a bus from Asahikawa station to Asahiyama zoo. The trip takes about 2 hours and a half.

    Asahiyama Zoo website

    Make sure to visit and enjoy this zoo!