Discover Amazing Nature Around Toya Lake, Sapporo

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  • Toya Lake in the southwestern part of Hokkaido belongs to Shikotsu Toya National Park. This lake is about 71 kilometers square in surface going 10 km east to west, and 9 km south to north. There is an active volcano Mt. Usu nearby which most recent eruption was in 2000.
    Toya Lake never freezes, even in winter with very low temperatures. The water of the lake is fresh and transparent, and there is a Lake Toya hot spring which is stretched out along the lake.

    Nakajima Deer

    Toya lake features four islands, one of the largest is Nakajima Island. On the island, you can find many cute deer wandering around. Before you go on the island, you need to sign up for “Nakajima Deer and Giant Tree Tour” at the local Toya Guide Center.
    After you enter through the gateway, you may hear the sounds of deer. The sound and their figures when they’re walking are so graceful!

    April 25 – October 31 (9:00 to 11:30)
    Adult: 5,940 yen, Elementary school students: 4,320 yen (motorboats fee, insurance fee, include consumtion tax 8%)
    Reservation: yes (you need to make reservation at 17:30 if you are going to participate on the next day)

    Forest exploration of Nakajima giant tree

    After you saw the Nakajima deer, it’s time to continue the journey deeper into the forest of the island. Nakajima Island has an uninhabited forest with a big number of large trees remaining. The natural atmosphere of the forest is great. You may also find some deer as you trek.

    April 25 – October 31 (14:00 – 16:15)
    Junior High School or older: 5,400 yen, Elementary School Students: 3,780 yen, Preschool children (4 years old ~): 1,080 yen
    Reservation: Yes (17:30 at the Toya Guide Center)

    Toya-ko canoe

    During summer, enjoying the hot weather on the transparent water of the lake while riding a canoe is a good choice. You can peek at the clean water, swim or just relax in the canoe.
    July 1 – August 31 (9:00 – 14:00 *about 2 hours)
    Adult: 5,400 yen (Max 6 persons)
    Reservation: Yes (17:30 at the Toya Guide Center)

    Toya-ko Harvest Time

    If you visit Toyako in the early summer, you can harvest your own delicious corn and potatoes. There is also a good spot to take photos of the widespread corn and potato fields. Some spring flowers are still in bloom if you get there on time.

    May to October (About 3 hours)
    1 person: 16,200 yen (Limited group per day *from 2 persons)
    Reservation: Yes

    Toya Guide website *Japanese only