3 best green places to escape to from the busy Tokyo

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  • Tokyo will never stop to fascinate us! Not only by the glimpse of metro city, the amusing Disneyland, beautiful rainbow bridge and Asakusa temple, but also by many other things that not many people know of. Tokyo also has many green landscapes from city parks, Japanese gardens to the countless forest parks. These are some of the parks that can be found in Tokyo. Maybe if you visit this city someday, you can stop by one for these and fully appreciate them.

    1. Institute for Nature Study

    This place is a nature reserve in Tokyo. Located in Shirokane area with 200,000 ha of lush greenery, this place will give you another perspective on this metro city. This park is the part of the National Museum of Nature and Science which aims to preserve natural environment of Tokyo’s forests and marshlands. This urban oasis will amuse you with its forest on the main street. The visitors are limited to only 300 people at a time.

    Institute for Nature Study website

    2. Todoroki Valley

    This is a wooded valley in the central part of Setagaya city ward. In the end of the park you can find Todoroki Fudo Temple. Being a beautiful spot in the area, this valley has been powered with the water from Yazawa river. As you go down along the path, you will see the water springs. The pleasant atmosphere that comes from the singing of birds, the sunshine that touches the leaves and bubbling sound of the river will make you feel like you’re in another world far away from the busy city.

    Exit 1, Todoroki Station (Oimachi line)

    3. Takaosan

    Takaosan or mount Takao has become one of Tokyo’s people’s favorite places to escape the city. This sacred and wooded mountain can be reached by train in 50 minutes. This place offers some attractions to visitors, not only enjoying the nature. People can go hiking here as well as enjoying cultural sites such as Yakuoin temple. For those who don’t hike, the cable cars and lift chairs are available to bring the visitors to the top.

    Chuo line, Shinjuku – Takao or Keio line, Shinjuku – Takaosanguchi
    Takaosan website

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