Love Hot Springs? Visit These 3 Secret “Onsen Villages” Near Tokyo!

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  • A hot spring, or “onsen” in Japanese, is a place that culturally and naturally has been one of the most significant parts in Japanese life. In Japan, now onsen became one of tourists destination to experience local wisdom. There are thousands of onsens spread all over Japan. Tokyo is one of the area that has many onsens. It is very recommended for people who come to Tokyo to go out the city and try the onsen. Besidse to get experience on local Japanese culture, it is also good to get a relaxation in a place like the onsen in amidst busy life.
    There are some recommended onsens near Tokyo.

    1. Manza Onsen


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    This is a place near Tokyo to enjoy hot spring bath. It is located 1800 meters above sea level. Manza onsen will pamper you with onsen experience snow view during winter. Some onsen baths in Manza onsen are Manten no Yu, Gokuraku no Yu, Enman no Yu and Chouju no Yu. Some onsen baths here also have different types of water. Advanced reservations are recommended if you want to visit this onsen

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    2. Kusatsu Hot Spring Baths

    Kusatsu onsen is a small town located in mountains around 200 km from Tokyo. It boasts the biggest water stream in all hot springs in Japan. Its high level of acid can kill bacteria and microorganisms in the water. Kusatsu onsen has also nominated as no. 1 hot spring in the last 10 years. Jikan-yu and yummy are two bathing styles that have been adopted by this onsen. Sai no Kawara and Otaki no Yu are the most popular bathhouses here. People also can try Hot Spring Steam Footbath.

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    3. Nikko Yumoto Onsen

    This small hot spring town is the part of Nikko national park. This town consists of many ryokans with onsen. Located next to lake Yunoko, some hot water also bubbling along lake Yunoko. In the fall seasons this place is beautified by autumn colors.

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    Have a real Japanese experience at these “onsen” hotels and get the most out of your trip to Japan!

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