Japanese Dramas VS Korean Dramas

  • Japanese and Korean dramas are two of the most anticipated Asian drama. But what makes them so distinct?

    Many people argue about which is better, The J-Drama or K-Drama? Well, I can’t please everybody and I am not in the right position to give judgment since I love both. However, I’ll just state what are the distinctive points of the two without being biased. Also, kindly put in mind that this is not supposed to make an issue among the two and I don’t intend to start “opinionated wars”.


    Korean dramas have more romance in it. Although they offer a lot of genres, it appears that almost all of their dramas, there will be a hint of romance. K-dramas are good in heavy drama genres. If romance and drama are what you’re looking for, then K-drama is for you.

    While in Japanese dramas, most of their work is based on a manga. It has a light-hearted matter and is comedic.

    J-dramas, unlike K-dramas, don’t usually cover romance unless the genre is romance. The most common genre is crime/mystery/detective as J-drama is known for this matter.

    On the other hand, J-drama and K-drama both rely on reality. When you watch some of their drama, you’ll start thinking that it’s not a very realistic idea but it’s definitely not an impossible one.


    Korean actors are said that they are much more excellent actors than Japanese because they train for years. Well, can’t really argue on that but there are also a lot of exceptions. Plus, Korean actors must always look good on camera.

    Japanese actors, on the contrary, some are not trained for years so excuse their acting. Even so, their acting is really not that bad and most of the J-actors are undeniably very good. The actors and their performance look more interesting because the actors don’t mind making ugly faces to look funny.
    Japanese and Korean actors both look really handsome, bear with it. They are both excellent actors in their own ways.


    As said earlier, K-dramas are more in the romance field. Most of their genres are accompanied by romance. For example, in a medical drama, the two main characters will fall in love while they are in the hospital. K-dramas focus on the romantic aspect of the storyline and they tend to drag it out. K-dramas’ morals can be realized and reflected by the end of the story because K-dramas are full of unforeseen developments that can be viewed by next episode. Yet, the twists of K-dramas are undeniably cool and flawless.

    As for J-dramas, it is out of the comfort zone of the K-dramas. If the story centers at the mystery then throughout the story it will be about the mystery. The Japanese focus on the main thought of the story. They can keep the drama going on without introducing another genre. Also, as I’ve read in most feedbacks, J-dramas are really unpredictable and have good twists and turns. It also has a moral story that will really hit you right in the heart. Every episode will leave a remarkable lesson about life, family, youth, and friendship. In terms of the storyline, there are really some major similarities since other K-dramas are an adaptation of J-dramas (like Liar Game).

    Duration (episodes/season)

    K-dramas are really longer than J-dramas. It is because K-dramas want to slow down the conflict that sometimes lead to long and boring episodes which are too cliche (no offense, just stating the obvious). Their usual lengths are 20+ episodes. The least drama duration that I’ve watched was 16 episodes, which in J-drama it is considered long. Each episode is in a 48 minutes to 1-hour-time length. It will really keep you up ’til morning if you insist on watching it on one shot.

    J-dramas, like any people say, is a short series. Well, that’s because J-dramas are straight to the point. Each episode is 30 minutes to one-hour duration. Seasons of J-dramas consist of 8 episodes at least. It is the shortest J-drama season that I’ve watched. But mostly it is 10 to 12 episodes in every season, making you desire for more.

    After all are said, Japanese drama and Korean drama are two of the most watched Asian drama. Whether you are a J-drama or a K-drama fan, I’m pretty sure that you’ll like the other if you are a fan of either Japanese or Korean.