Sapporo Summer Festival, Non-Stop Summer Fun!

  • Sapporo Summer Fest is one of the most popular festivals in Sapporo which attracts more than one million visitors every year. The festival runs about a month from July to August. Many events are held during the festival, such as a Hokkaido Bon Odori dance, the Sapporo Bazaar antique fair, music and Jazz shows, firework displays, but the most visited event is the beer garden stretched into seven blocks.

    Beer Garden

    The Sapporo’s Odori Park becomes a sea of beer with approximately 13,000 seats lined up along the seven blocks of park from 5-chome to 11-chome. The event is supported by the four major beer companies in Japan, on the westernmost you can find international beer gardens. The event is held from July 22nd to August 16th and runs from 11:00 to 21:00 every day. The best time to enjoy this event is when the sky goes dark, but if you want to have a good seat, go earlier and don’t forget to bring a jacket because the weather gets colder at night.

    Music Shows

    Sapporo City Jazz
    Pacific Music Festival
    Music shows is a series of events featuring three genres of music, rock, jazz and classical. Rock music show “Rising Sun Rock Festival”, is held on the stage next to Tarugawa Pier, New Port of Ishikari. Enjoy the performances of more than 100 groups of musicians outdoors for two days. Many food stalls are available during the event. The jazz music “Sapporo City Jazz”, is held at “Sapporo Music Tent” in Odori Park. “Pacific Music Festival” is classical music performed by talented young musicians and is held in Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara, and two outdoor sites, Odori Park and Sapporo Art Park.

    2015 Schedule

    • Rising Sun Rock Festival: 14 and 15 of August, 2015
    • Sapporo City Jazz: July 9th – August 29th, 2015
    • Pacific Music Festival: July 12nd – August 4th, 2015
    Firework Displays

    The most unforgettable summer event is firework displays! Beautiful flower-shaped lights of the fireworks in the dark sky followed by chanting music. It is held in Makomanai Park and is known as “Hokkaido Makomanai Music Fireworks Festival”. The fireworks festival is held annually on July 19th (may be postponed due to bad weather to the next day, July 20th). The stadium venue is opened at 16:00 and a total of 22,000 fireworks gets launched at 20:00.
    Other spots to watch fireworks display at are “Doshin UHB Fireworks Festival” near Toyahiro River, Minami Bridge in central Sapporo, where the event will be held on July 31st, 2015, and “Moerenuma Artistic Fireworks” in Moerenuma Park, which will be held on September 19th, 2015.