Experience underwater Japan with the best scuba diving spots

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  • Inexperienced or professional, scuba diving is always an amazing experience that everyone should definitely try in his/her life. And guess what, Japan is actually the perfect place to try and experience it or improve your skills while exploring the mystery of the deep pacific sea!

    In this article we’ll recommend you some famous scuba diving spots which are truly worth visiting.

    USS Emmons

    First of all, one of the most famous spots is definitely the U.S.S. Emmons Dive! This dive is only recommended for experienced divers as its depth is between 35 to 45 meters.

    It is a warship that sank after being hit by five Kamikaze planes in 1945. It is located in the North of Okinawa beyond Nago at Kori Island. It takes 15 minutes by boat to reach this diving site.

    Kerama Islands

    The Kerama Islands are perfect for all divers as it offers more than a hundred sites to experience the underwater life. It is located an hour away by boat off the main island of Okinawa.

    Apart from the various sites of this area, the greatest thing is that whatever the season is you can enjoy the clear water in the summer or whale-watching in the winter.

    Ishigaki Islands

    Ever wanted to see Manta Rays closely? Then you should absolutely go to the Ishigaki Islands. There are two Manta spots for diving, one is called Manta City and the other one, not so far from the Manta City, is called Manta Scramble. During the summertime the encounter chance is very high, about 80%, but if you go in winter you should go to Kuroshima Island. Mantas are truly impressive and magnificent creatures!

    Izu Islands

    Our last recommendation is the Izu Peninsula and the Izu Islands. It is very easy to get there as it is located just an hour train ride away from Tokyo. There are several diving spots in the area but if you want to see the Japanese Eagle Ray you should go to Furo, it’s off the Yawatano town.

    There are several other diving spots in Japan so we hope you’ll find the most suitable place for your diving level and, moreover, that you’ll enjoy your diving in Japan!