Get your adrenaline rush ON in Japan

  • Some people want to relax, others to visit cultural places, but many are actually looking for excitement while traveling. Those view Japan as a land of excitements. Indeed, you can find tons of breath-taking activities that suit adventure seekers perfectly! Here are a few recommended things to do!


    First of all, a really exciting thing to do is rafting. The canyons of Minakami in Gunma Prefecture are a perfect place for this kind of fun because you can find both half-day and full day rafting courses. Moreover, these canyons offer 12km of world-class rapids which are open from April until October.

    Rafting tour prices usually include all of the needed equipment in them, it is therefore very handy. Prices are usually around 10,000 YEN which is a great value for having the continuous feeling of roller coasting!


    A must-do is paragliding and the best way to do it is near Fuji-San! You can go to the Asagiri plateau and you’ll find different schools with different types of flights, but all of them will offer you the greatest view of the area and of Mount Fuji! To be sure that you’ll enjoy we recommend you to book for a whole day tour because sometimes the clouds can be hiding behind the mountains.

    Kunigami-gun hiking

    If you are in Okinawa and you are looking for something exciting to do around there, you should definitely go to Kunigami-Gun, the Onna-Son waterfalls are stunning! After a great hiking you can jump into the refreshing water. A must-do!


    Adrenaline seekers will, of course, look forward to fulfilling their cravings with some skydiving! You can easily find skydiving schools everywhere, however, we advise you to simply try one in Tokyo. It’s a great opportunity to see Tokyo as you wouldn’t expect. You should also try to skydive in Hokkaido because the nature over there is wonderful and it will reinforce your experience!

    And more!

    There are many other various things to do to get the adrenaline rush in Japan, so if you look at other things such as bungee jumping, just go to the Tourist Office Center where they will recommend whatever suits you best!