6 Sweets From Around the World You Can Buy in Tokyo

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  • Tokyo is not just a place for traditional Japanese food but is also known for its restaurants serving food from all over the world.
    Here are just a few of the delicious six sweets you can enjoy in Tokyo.

    cookie time from New Zealand

    Although they look like junk food, these American organic cookies have no artificial ingredients or colors.
    The premium ice cream sandwich, with its rich New Zealand vanilla ice cream, is also a must for visitors!

    Japanese notation:クッキータイム
    URL ※Japanese only
    Hours:Weekday:8:00 〜 20:00 Weekend/Holiday:10:00 〜 20:00

    mango chacha from Taiwan


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    Mango ChaCha !!

    Reiki Kato / Reiki Logさん(@ricky_0926)がシェアした投稿 –

    This restaurant offers mango lovers the finest in premium sweet mangoes.
    It has even received a Michelin Star in Taiwan!

    Japanese notation:マンゴーチャチャ
    *マンゴーチャチャ renamed to Taiwan Cafe and reopened in 2017 Apirl.
    URL ※Japanese only
    Hours:11:00~21:00(20:30 LO)

    pink berry from California

    This store charges by weighing the amount of ice cream and toppings which customers freely choose.
    Non-fat milk and yogurt are used to create its popular flavor that is a little tart and not too sweet.

    Japanese notation:ピンクベリー
    URL ※Japanese only
    Hours:11:00 〜 22:00

    BAKE from Hokkaido

    A luxurious cheese tart that incorporates 3 varieties of cheese for even richer flavor.
    Ingredients from Hokkaido are mixed with a saltier cream cheese from France for a perfectly balanced mix.

    Japanese notation:ベイク
    Hours:Weekday 11:00 〜 22:00 Weekend/Holiday 10:30 〜 22:00

    arnolds from Finland

    This doughnut and coffee shop chain is Finland’s most famous.
    The doughnuts’ unique texture is a mix between traditional Finnish fried doughnuts, Munkki, and American varieties.
    The new creation perfectly combines the not-too-sweet doughnuts with various flavors!

    Japanese notation:アーノルド
    URL ※Japanese only
    Hours:10:00 〜 21:00
    Holiday:Period encompassing the close of the old year and the start of the New Year

    THE CITY BAKERY from New York

    This well-established New York bakery chain has been opened in Tokyo for 20 years.
    It serves a delicious selection of bread whose recipe was passed down directly from the New York owner.

    Japanese notation:ザ・シティベイカリー
    URL ※Japanese only
    Hours:8:00 〜 22:00

    POP! gourmet popcorn

    A big hit in Japan, this popcorn for adults can be eaten at Omotesando.
    The carefully selected ingredients are combined to make 8 flavors, including white truffle and garlic parmesan.

    Japanese notation:ポップ!グルメポップコーン
    URL ※Japanese only
    Hours:11:00 〜 21:00