6 Positive Changes Living in Japan Will Bring

  • A country must have its good and bad sides. Living in a developed country doesn’t guarantee that everything will be better. Same with Japan, this country has both positive and negative when compared to the other countries. Some difficulties and challenges like language barrier and culture differences may be encountered when you live in Japan. But, of course, you will also find many benefits and positive things. Focus on the positive side! I will list some of the good things that happen when you live in Japan long enough.

    1. Health

    It, of course, depends on your lifestyle. However, Japan has clean air, clean environment, healthy diet with less fat that mostly consists of sea ingredients, as well as habitual physical exercises such as biking and walking. Such factors may be able to help you keeping healthy!

    2. Politeness and patience

    Probably you have a certain freedom when it comes to acting and reacting on certain things in your country. But in Japan, you can’t do many of those things as they are considered ‘impolite’ here. In Japan, people always say ‘sumimasen’ meaning excuse me and ‘gomen nasai’ meaning sorry. Always greet each other, act calm and always mind people around them. This kind of habit might make you bored in the beginning, but I am sure you will learn to control yourself better and will become more polite as you blend into Japanese society.

    3. Working hard

    If you are in Japan for the purpose of study or work, I am sure the environment will change you into a hardworking person. Japanese people don’t tolerate laziness, and always do their best when working on something. This can help you to develop the new habits of being more serious, hardworking and punctual.

    4. Speaking Japanese

    Even though you can’t speak Japanese, I am sure that after living in Japan for some time you will speak Japanese at least a little. Japanese is not an easy language, but living among Japanese people will help you to pick the words. Moreover, if you are really serious about learning this language, having it as a skill will be very beneficial for you.

    5. Food appreciation

    Japanese food is famous for being very good. Living in Japan will make you able to enjoy local foods whenever you can. You can find your favorite Japanese foods like sushi, takoyaki or okonomiyaki easily in any supermarket. In addition, Japan has a great variety of sweets such as ice cream and various beverages that you will certainly love too. Living here will certainly make you appreciate food even more!

    6. Nature

    The change of a season is always an exciting thing for people in Japan. Chances are you will start appreciating it the same way, too! Each season has its own distinct beauty. Moreover, Japan is well known for it’s natural beauty, and each season just brings out something new. Spring is always colored by sakura trees and autumn by red and yellow leaves. Winter in Japan also turns many places into snowy wonderland and summer is always hot, fascinating and filled with beach fun!