Claska Hotel, designers’ hidden gem in Tokyo

  • “Mata ashita” can be literally translated into “until tomorrow” which in Japan is used as “see you again tomorrow”. Well, if you have stayed in Claska Hotel, I’m positive you will want to say it out loud!

    Claska Hotel is oozing charm of mid-century modern interiors with a Japanese twist. Claska is located in one of the central areas of Tokyo, Meguro. It was renovated and re-opened catering not just the hotel but also dining & cafe, gallery shop, and studio.

    Enjoy architecture


    Claska Hotel is composed of 21 rooms that come in 5 styles, each to satisfy your taste. These rooms are designed by different Japanese architects. Every guest is free to choose their rooms according to the mood.

    Modern Style Room


    This room was designed by Intentionallies (architect company). The name itself, gives us the innovative ambiance. Modern Style rooms have the Japanese-style furniture that is said to be made originally for the hotel.

    Tatami Style Room


    This room was designed by Kaname Okajima. Tatami is a type of mat used as a flooring material in traditional Japanese-style rooms. However, in Claska, it has a different twist. Influenced by the East and West, the Tatami style room is combined with simple tatami mats and beds. In short, it is a modernized Japanese room.

    Contemporary Style Room


    This room was also designed by Kaname Okajima and CLASKA Gallery & Shop “DO” (704). These newly built contemporary rooms are something similar to the Modern style rooms, only these don’t actually use the Japanese style furniture.

    D.I.Y Style Rooms


    This room was designed by Norihiko Terayama, Kayo Sato, and again, Kaname Okajima. D.I.Y rooms or Do It Yourself rooms were done by the designers themselves. Everything from designs to construction is handmade by them.

    Weekly Residence Style Room


    This room was designed by TORAFU ARCHITECTS. Weekly Residence rooms are far from the Japanese style rooms. They are composed of unique forms such as walls with carved holes to place bags, clothes, speakers and such.

    And a lot more


    Claska is not just a hotel to stay at. Claska also offers gallery, shop, and dining & cafe. “The 8th Gallery” was built for the artists to use at a low cost.


    Studio Claska is a rental space for events such as parties and birthdays.


    “DO” is a gallery and shop built by Claska. DO includes some original products that are on sale.


    Kiokuh is a dining and cafe that offers delicious and nutritious Japanese foods. Open from day to night, from breakfast to cocktails.

    Claska Hotel