An Intellectual Delight for Bibliophiles in “Anjin” Tsutaya Book-Cafe


    Tokyo is always on the urge to amaze its citizen. And with the help of the video rental giant, this is a piece of cake. Located in an area, where artists gather, fashionistas meet and musicians hang out in hidden bars and cafes, the huge building totally looks out of place.

    Separated into many sections, Tsutaya T-site is a bit different from other Tsutaya stores, where people are used to buy books or rent DVD’s or CDs.

    The architect put an accent on the letter ’T’ by decorating one whole wall with the store’s capital letter. The building itself is divided into three parts, all connected with a long bridge, the so-called “magazine street”. Here you can mainly read and buy books, magazines, CDs, in an atmosphere worthy the location. Dim lights, sofas everywhere, a bit of a futuristic design mixed with old-school jazz bar atmosphere.

    2nd Floor Book-Cafe

    To top that, it has in its middle building on the second floor the so called lounge “Anjin”: a restaurant-cafe, where people can sit down, read the book they ideally just bought and continue to enjoy the air of the free-spirited cafe.


    The menu, which focuses on drinks and is not for everyone’s purse, has appetisers (so called ‘one bite bar food’), drinks, snacks, soft drinks, desserts, and during noon they even offer a lunch menu, everything is of course presented on an iPad, where people interactively use the online menu, rather than just stare at an old-fashioned paper menu.

    A roast-beef sandwich is with ¥2300 the most pricey choice if you ignore the ¥4800 bottle of champagne, whereas a ¥740 Cola is the cheapest drink, which coffee prices carry between ¥800~¥900. On the other hand, lunch can be pretty affordable, which ¥1200 for a Meat Sauce and Eggplant Doria, Spaghetti Napolitano, Hayashi Rice, or a choice from a weekly changing lunch menu. If you want to experience a moment for yourself, indulged into a nice book or magazine, or meet a friend to have a nice chat in a place, that differs from the usual, the Anjin Cafe is definitely your choice!