Toki no Sumika Gotemba Resort: “A Tunnel of Light to Mt Fuji!”

  • If you’re looking for a place to stay near Mount Fuji, Toki No Sumika is the perfect place! I stayed here once with my parents and my grandmother for Christmas and we had a wonderful time.

    The hotel room was wonderful and the view of Mount Fuji was great as well. The night time illuminations made for an amazing view. Toki No Sumika consists of seven different places to stay, a spa and relaxation area, eight restaurants, four shops, and a whole lot of activities to do around the area. Toki no Sumika is also popular for its beautiful illuminations tunnel.


    I stayed at the Gotemba Kogen Hotel but within Toki No Sumika but there are also many other options to choose from.

    Gotemba Kogen Hotel Site

    Lodges, villas and teepees

    There are also different types of lodges, villas, and teepees that are available to stay in.

    Hot Springs & Spas

    There are four hot springs and four spa areas that are available at Toki No Sumika. My family decided to just use the hot springs that are within the hotel that we stayed at, but there is a large variety of hot springs you can visit within the facility. There is a natural hot spring theme park, Kirakubou, an outdoor hot spring, Chameyudono, an apple hot spring that is within the Slow Villa area, and finally Yuzu-no-yu which is a citrus bath located inside Gotenba Kogen Hotel and Hotel Brush Up.


    There are eight places you can eat in total at Toki No Sumika.

    1. Syunzendokoro Chame: This traditional Japanese restaurant is for the people who want to enjoy the traditional seasonal meals of Japan.
    2. The Sky Lounge: Located at the highest point in Toki No Sumika, the Sky Lounge offers a beautiful view of Mount Fuji and the best Japanese and Western meals.
    3. Kagura Sushi: Kagura Sushi is the place to go to if you are looking to eat delicious sushi.
    4. Bacchusnavel Gotemba: this buffet style restaurant offers healthy meals that are made from natural ingredients and a lot of vegetables.
    5. Gotemba Kogen Beer
    6. Kirakubou: There is a restaurant with an amazing view within the hot spring facility at Kirakubou.
    7. Hayaokidori: This adorable little coffee shop provides a nice place to have tea with everything from coffee to ice cream and hot sandwiches.
    8. Books & Cafe: this cafe makes you feel like you are reading books and having tea in the woods.

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    As you can see, Toki No Sumika has so much to offer that it is almost impossible to go through in one day. Why not spend a few days here and enjoy the numerous activities that are available while staying at a place where you will be able to see Mount Fuji day and night?

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