The Japanese fifth season and what to wear throughout the year

  • Northern the hemisphere, in temperate regions, countries experience usually four seasons. Being a bit unbalanced in the very northern parts, many countries have spring, summer, autumn and winter. Same goes for Japan, but there is even a fifth season: the rainy season. Being part of the end of spring and beginning of summer, the rainy season is something not all Japanese look forward to, despite it not raining every day. Summer is being met with mixed feelings, too since it can get really hot. Each season has its advantages though, and if you are cloth wise prepared, you will definitely enjoy your time in Japan!


    March to May is considered spring. The beginning of spring can be still quite cold, whereas the end of spring can be already reached summer like temperatures.
    Recommended clothing: Light long sleeve jacket, occasionally a light sweater.

    Rainy Season

    In between spring and summer is the rainy season, lasting usually up to six weeks. It does not rain every day and has even many fine days. Around the Kanto area, it starts at the beginning of June and lasts till mid-July. Some days can be hot and humid, very similar to summer.
    Recommended clothing: Short sleeves, clothing made of light materials, a thin jacket, and don’t forget of course the trendy touch of the season: the Japanese rain boots.



    Usually, extreme hot, summer needs precaution. It lasts from July to the end of September and can be very long.
    Recommended clothing: No long sleeves, t-shirts and shorts/skirts, materials: cotton, linen, no synthetics, the thinner, the lesser, the better, but bare in mind to dress according to your body size, without revealing too much.


    After the long heat, autumn is a relaxing season.
    Recommended clothing: Thin, long sleeve jacket, thin long sleeves, occasionally a scarf or hat.



    Japan experiences generally mild winters, but especially at the end of winter (in Kanto it is during February) it can be very cold.
    Recommended clothing: Woollen sweaters, warm underwear, boots, thicker materials, mufflers, hats, mittens, gloves