5 ever-popular Japanese animations!

  • Japanese animations are loved by many all over the world. The art style, interesting characters and amazing storylines contribute to the cause. But no matter how many new Animes come out, the ever-popular animations stay the same… And you have surely seen at least one of them, no matter where you come from!

    1. Doraemon

    Doraemon (ド ラ え も ん) is the title of popular manga and anime that has been crafted by Fujiko F. Fujio (藤子 · F · 不二 雄) since 1969, it is about the life of a slacker 5th grader of elementary school named Nobi Nobita (野 比 の び 太) accompanied by a robotic cat named Doraemon which comes from the 22nd century. Doraemon was sent to help Nobita, so that his descendants can enjoy his success rather than having to suffer from the financial debt, that will occur in the future due to Nobita’s choices.

    2. Saint Seiya

    Saint Seiya (聖 闘 士 星 矢 Seinto Seiya) or Zodiac is anime and manga by Masami Kurumada. Saint Seiya anime is produced by Toei Animation and was first aired on TV Asahi, Japan on October 11, 1986. The manga Saint Seiya was originally released by Shueisha in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine from January 1986 to December 1990. It tells the story of five warriors that were given nicknames “Saint” and have the powers, based on body armor called “Cloth”, which is derived from the constellations of their respective owners. Every Saint has a special power called “Cosmo”. They were given the task to protect Saori Kido, the reincarnation of the goddess Athena (goddess of war and wisdom). Saori was formerly located in the Sanctuary. However, one of the Saints betrayed and tricked another one to kill the baby Saori.

    3. Sailor Moon

    Sailor Moon (美 少 女 戦 士 セ ー ラ ー ム ー ン, also known as Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon) is the title of a famous franchise created by Japanese manga artist Naoko Takeuchi. It tells the story of heroism of the 5 girls with superpowers from natural elements and solar system, that fight against a variety of enemies from the darkness. They have a mission to find the princess and Crystal Silver.

    4. Dragon Ball

    Dragon Ball tells the story of a boy named Goku who lives in the middle of the mountain alone. He then meets Bulma, a young genius, who is trying to collect seven magical balls that can fulfill all wishes. Those balls are called Dragon Ball.

    Description: Dragon Ball is 7 crystal balls scattered around the world, the orange balls contain star pattern,and if someone manages to collect all seven pieces of Dragon Ball, a dragon god who is able to grant any wish, even reviving the dead, will appear.

    In the journey of looking for the pieces, together with Bulma, Goku has to deal with many obstacles, one of which is the Red Ribbon Army. This group has the same desire as Goku and Bulma

    5. Samurai X

    Samurai x tells the story of a samurai from Choshu Clan, that has managed to win the battle in Tokugawa shogunate, which in turn formed a new era in Japan called the Meiji era. In the Meiji era, one is no longer allowed to carry a sword on the street. In this time, Kenshin Himura, or better known as “Hitokiri Battosai” or Batosai slayer, regrets his actions of the past that have killed many people, and he vows not to kill anyone from this time. For that, Kenshin is using the sword “Sakabatou”, which sharp edges are reversed.