Only in Japan “Lipton tea flavors”: How many do you know?

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  • Everyone knows Lipton. As most countries often offer Lipton lemon tea or Lipton iced tea, not everyone knows that they can experience more Lipton flavors in Japan. Like Kitkat, in Japan you can get Lipton tea in many different flavors and colors. Matcha Latte, Earl Grey, Peach, Pear, Grape, Green/Red Apple, Lychee, Muscat; and even weird mixed – flavors like Orange Honey, Kiwi Aloe and Peach Mango!

    Various Lipton Tea Flavors


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    The most common Lipton tea flavors that are sold all year round in almost every store are Milk Tea, Lemon Tea, and Matcha Latte. Other flavors that are sold quite frequent are Apple, Grape and Peach. Other than those flavors, most flavors of Lipton are seasonal and available for a short time. Therefore, I highly recommend grabbing the new flavor as soon as you see it or you have to wait for another year to have a chance to try it!

    Some flavors I have tried

    Milk Tea for Christmas

    Lipton World Travel Series

    Lipton even creates a Lipton World Travel Series exclusively for Japanese consumers. This series includes a variety of popular flavors from many different regions in the world. What a paradise for tea’s lovers.

    Where To Buy?

    You can find regular Lipton Tea flavors such as Milk Tea and Lemon Tea in any vending machines, supermarkets, and convenience stores. For seasonal and special flavors, you should frequently check it in the convenience stores.

    As of 2018, the following Lipton flavors are available:
    -Lipton Lemon Tea
    -Lipton Milk Tea
    -Lipton Apple Tea
    -Lipton Muscat Tea (limited flavour)

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