Aso Farmland, full on health-oriented complex in Kumamoto!

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  • Aso Farm Land, a theme park located in Kumamoto Prefecture, could be your chance to experience fabulous vacations or a fantastic weekend complete package get-away. Opened in 1995, Aso Farm Land is mentioned (in as one of the world’s largest Nature and Health theme parks. It was opened in 1995 bearing the theme “people, nature and vitality” and is widely recognized as a facility that could improve people’s health and vitality.

    There are so many things that you can do in Aso Farm Land!

    Furiai Dobutsu Okoku (Animal kingdom petting)


    This is best for animal lovers who want to have a close contact with various animals such as flamingo, sheep, rabbits, iguanas and many others. You can also feed alpacas and beavers for an extra charge. They also have a tunnel for squirrels and monkeys, and a goat tower where you can watch these animals up-close.

    Jinsei no hajimari Q (The beginning of Life Q)

    Play with children as they improve their health, mind and spirit in “Jinsei no hajimari Q” (The beginning of Life Q). There are lots of activities and programs in this area intended for kids to develop their well-being and nurture happiness in life.

    Tetsukuri taikenkan (Handmade Hall)

    Make handmade products in “Tetsukuri taikenkan” (Handmade Hall). You may try candle-making, herb-making and many other handmade activities which will make a great souvenir for your stay in Aso.

    Aso Orugo-ru kan (Aso Music Box Museum)

    handmade music box

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    Make music-box in “Aso Orugo-ru kan” (Aso Music Box Museum). You may try creating your own personal music box by selecting the music and parts.

    Omoshiro suizokukan aqua (Fun Aquarium Aqua).

    Watch various fishes in “Omoshiro suizokukan akua” (Fun Aquarium Feel Aqua). You can also actually touch some fish and buy them if you like.

    Omoshiro Tsuri Rando (Fun Fishing Land)

    Enjoy fun fishing in “Omoshiro Tsuri Rando” (Fun Fishing Land) with your family and friends.

    Sports and Exercise

    Boost your health in Aso Genki Stadium or in “Genki no Mori” (Forest of Vitality) with about forty types of equipment which include Rolling Channel, King Slider, Pipeline, Crooked Roads and many more! They are sure to make both kids and adults healthy while having so much fun.

    Hot spring and Healing

    Experience hot springs of extreme level in Aso volcanic hot springs. There are various hot baths such as: the rotenburo (open-air baths) where you can relax while having a great view of nature around. They also have Magma Clay Spa, Dr. Kiss Fish where small fish eat the dead skin cells off your feet, Rock Grass Bath Dome, Oxygen Dome, Mineral Bath, and so many more!


    Enkhjin Baatarchuluun(@enkhjindee)分享的貼文 張貼

    Enjoy great dishes in various restaurants and cafeterias scattered inside the park. They have a Korean restaurant, yakiniku restaurant and the best of all, the World Kitchen where you can eat dishes from around the world in one fabulous restaurant. What makes it even greater is it is a buffet-type restaurant.


    Shopping for souvenirs is one aspect that you should never miss. In Aso Farm Land, there are lots of shops where you can buy specialties like Aso Milk, Aso herbs and a lot more.
    There is so much fun waiting for you in Aso Farm Land that you might need to stay there for a few days in order to enjoy everything it has to offer. Plus you can always stay in the hotel located right there!

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