Aso Farm Village: A Unique and Fantastic Accommodation

  • Aso Farm Land is a large theme park in Kumamoto Prefecture where you can enjoy various activities. So many that it is best to stay overnight or even for more days as much as you can afford. Stay in Aso Farm Village and experience a great escape into the world of nature and healing. Stay in a unique accommodations far different from the common four-cornered rooms in conventional tall building hotels.

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    There are three areas to choose from in Aso Farm Village.

    1. Village Zone

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    This area consists of more than three hundred dome-shaped hotels surrounded by nature. They even call it “eggs in the woods” because of the shape of the dome scattered in the green terrain. Every single room has a different interior giving it a different taste. Guests can be one with nature with the luscious trees growing around while listening to the sound of the creek flowing and feeling the breeze of the air.

    Room type

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    You can choose from Village/Western-style double, twin or triple; Village/Western-style Force; and Village/Japanese-style 4 Occupancy or 6 occupancy

    2. Royale Zone

    Feel like a royalty in the Royal Zone. It is very luxurious and elegant. Each room, also dome-shaped has its own gate and a private garden. There is also open-air bathroom offered in maisonette room. This area is convenient because it is close to the accommodation front.

    Room Type


    You can choose from the following:
    1. Royal/Western-style (Twin) Standard Type
    2. Royal/Western-style (Force) Standard Type
    3. Royal/Western-style two-story rooms Maisonette
    4. Royal/Western-style (Force) Open-air bath-conditioned rooms

    3. Dream Zone

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    This non-smoking area, which will boost your creative imagination, is excellent for kids and the kids-at-heart. Be taken away to a dreamland full of fun and excitement. The accommodation front is a cute castle-like building which will transport you into a new world upon checking-in. Be amazed and immerse yourself in fun and fantasy in these twenty-six colourful, uniquely designed dome-shaped kids-themed guest rooms.
    You can choose from the following themes:

    Room Type

    1. Mushroom (2 buildings)
    2. Dekopon (2 buildings)
    3. Watermelon (2 buildings)
    4. Kumamon (2 buildings)
    5. Flower (2 buildings)
    6. Strawberry (2 buildings)
    7. Soccer (2 buildings)
    8. Tree (1 building)
    9. Monster (1 building)
    10. Transfers (1 building)
    11. Dinosaur (2 buildings)
    12. Spacecraft (2 buildings)
    13. Aquarium (2 buildings)
    14. Earth (1 building)
    15. Suites (2 buildings)


    Each room in all areas has excellent amenities. All from private toilet and bath, (complete) bathroom amenities, appliances such as air conditioners, televisions, refrigerators, pot dryer, and yukata or dressing gown, and outdoor sandals. And there are excellent onsens in every area.
    Aso Farm Village Official Website*Japanese Only
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