Enjoy the Summer Beauty of Furano, Hokkaido

  • It’s a perfect timing for an article dedicated to the Lavender Field in Furano, Hokkaido. Indeed, just from now to middle of August it is the best period to plan your trip to Hokkaido! The lavender field is a must-see in Japan!

    Hokkaido, the north island of Japan, is an amazing place for both tourist resorts and nature. Furano is located in the countryside of Hokkaido and it’s a place that you won’t regret visiting, especially if you love nature. Of course, you can find lavender fields in other countries such as France, but in Furano the lavender is spread differently on the vast land. It became a famous place to admire the beauty of nature.
    If you have never seen such fields, then you’ll be amazed. There are several lavender farms, however, I would like to recommend you three of them.

    Tomita Farm

    This lavender farm is the biggest farm of Furano Lavender Park. Once you arrive you’ll see a stunning scenic view! By the way, lavender’s colour or purple in Japanese is «MURASAKI», a useful word to know in the area.

    Tomita farm website

    Hokuseiyamachouei Lavender En

    This is also a breath-taking farm, because it is possible to see the lavender field from the air, by using a cable lift and you can also observe the wonderful Furano basin. This basin offers great spots for photographers!

    High Land Furano

    Here, you can see lavenders from an outdoor hot spring, you can enjoy such a unique view only here in Japan. We highly recommend visiting this place because it is both relaxing and wonderful!

    To go to Furano

    If you are really interested in the beauty of nature and lavenders, the easiest way to go to Furano is from Sapporo by bus, however it is truly advised that you should rent a car in order to be free to go around. Or take a taxi once you arrived at Furano!