The 8 Exhilarating Attractions of FUJI-Q Highland

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  • If you ever visit Japan and you have a love for thrilling rides, you should definitely spend a day at Fuji-Q Highland. Fuji-Q Highland is at the foot of Mount Fuji and is one of Japan’s most popular theme parks. Fuji-Q Highland is the home of some Guinness World Record breaking roller coasters.

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    1. Fujiyama: The “King of Coasters”

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    Fuji-Q Highland has, arguably, the best recognized coaster collection in Japan. With a rainstorm about to hit, the park impressively opened all of the "Big 4" coasters. We started with Do Dodonpa as that was our priority on the trip. With rain already starting we quickly opened our wallets to purchase Zekkyo passes for the remaining three large coasters. We then rode Fujiyama, the phenomal and surprisingly great Togo hyper coaster, followed by Eejanaika (which I think is much superior to X2) and eventually Takabisha. All of these coasters are amazing in their respective categories and Eejanaika, Takabisha and Fujiyama were much better than I anticipated. Do Dodonpa had an amazing launch (of course) and the loop was fun, but it sure didn't deliver the lasting wow factor. More on soon! #eejanaika #x2 #sands #4d #arrow #fujiyama #togo #hyper #hypercoaster #dodonpa #dododonpa #launch #takabisha #gerstlauer #eurofighter #fujiq #fujiqhighland #fuji #mountfuji #achterbahn #achtbaan #rollercoaster #freizeitpark #attractiepark #themepark #cacoasterkings

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    Fujiyama was built in 1996 and at the time, it was the world’s tallest and fastest roller coaster. The coaster reaches a maximum speed of 81mph, a maximum drop of 230ft, and the maximum height is 259ft. This enormous coaster is named after the world famous mountain that stands near Fuji-Q Highland: Mount Fuji.

    2. Dodonpa: The World’s Fastest Roller Coaster

    The Dodonpa reaches its top speed of 107mph within 1.8 seconds of taking off. This roller coaster is currently the record holder for the fastest acceleration on a roller coaster in the world. I can say from personal experience that the people at Fuji-Q aren’t joking around when they say that you won’t be able to breathe for the first 1.8 seconds. That’s how fast this coaster is.

    3. Eejanaika: A “4th Dimension” Coaster

    Eejanaika has rotating seats, within a rotating car, on a rotating track. So basically, you spin, A LOT! Eejanaika holds the world record for most inversions on any roller coaster. If you think you can handle all of the spinning without throwing up? you have my full respect and this roller coaster is definitely for you.

    4. Takabisha: The World’s Steepest Coaster

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    The Takabisha, which was recently completed in 2011 holds the Guinness World Record for the steepest roller coaster in the world, with a drop at an angle of 121 degrees. And the great part? The roller coaster stops right before the drop, suspending you in mid air with your body pressing against the safety bars which are literally the only thing stopping you from falling off the coaster.

    5. Tekkotsu Bancho

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    Tekkotsu Bancho is a 50-meter tall spinning swing ride. It is actually quite the thrill ride.

    6. Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear

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    This 900-meter long haunted house that takes about 50 minutes to actually get through is considered to be one of the scariest haunted houses in the world.

    7. Cool Jappaan

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    A roller coaster where you will get very VERY wet.

    8. Red Tower

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    The Red Tower is a free fall attraction where you will find yourself falling at a speed of 40mph.
    There are so many other attractions at Fuji-Q Highland so I hope you will visit the park yourself to try them out!
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