Forget about Sushi and Udon!–Best Japanese local dishes from 10 regions.

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  • Having a number of best foods in the world, Japan also has some local cuisines from some regions the should not be missed. Japan is not only popular with its sushi or ramen. There are various foods that you might have never heard of before. What are these kinds of dishes that only exist in certain regions in Japan? Let’s check out.

    1. Kyoto


    Kyoto, as a well-known city in Japan and is famous with its Yudofu. Yudofu is tofu simmered in hot water along with kombu(dried kelp). You eat Yudofu with various sauces.

    2. Nagoya


    In Nagoya you can find Miso NIkomi Udon. This is kind of miso soup that usually contains tofu, mushrooms, chicken, deep fried tofu and vegetables. You can find this dish in many areas in Nagoya

    3. Hokkaido


    You have to try Chanchan-yaki when visiting Hokkaido. Chanchan-yaki is a salmon grilled in miso that is mixed with vegetables, including sprouts.

    4. Fukuoka


    Fukuoka is a place where you can find Mizutaki. A cooking pot-dish of veggies and chicken that is served with ponzu dipping sauce.

    5. Okinawa


    Goya-chanpuru is a special dish from Okinawa. Chanpuru itself is an Okinawan stir-fry. While Goya-chanpuru is a bitter melon stir-fry with tofu, vegetables, bacon/sliced pork belly or spam. It will definitely taste very special.

    6. Osaka


    You can’t leave osaka without eating Takoyaki! As many of you may know, Takoyaki are fried round pies made from wheat flour with diced octopus and green onion inside, that are cooked in a special mold.

    7. Kanazawa


    Kanazawa local dish is Jibu-ni. This is pieces of duck or chicken coated with starch, and stewed with wheat gluten, mushroom and vegetables.

    8. Aomori


    In Aomori prefecture, Tohoku region, Ichigo-ni has become a special original dish. This is a soup made from sea urchin roe and abalone. Ichigo-ni can be found in pacific coast of Aomori prefecture.

    9. Sendai

    What is speciality of Sendai city? That would be Gyutan! Gyutan is a beef tongue cooked in different styles. Sometimes people like to bake it or eat it raw as sashimi.

    10. Kochi


    You have to try Katsuo no Tataki when visiting Kochi! It is a chop of skipjack tuna mixed with spring onions and seasoned with rice vinegar!

    So, never think again that all Japanese cuisine is about just sushi and udon!

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