Suspended between the Sky and Mt. Fuji!

  • I have never personally been in Hotel Kaneyamaen, but my parents decided to take a trip to Hotel Kaneyamaen near Yamanaka-ko and they were spamming my messages with beautiful photos and information about the hotel so I thought it might be a great place to introduce to people who are looking for a place to stay in the Mount Fuji area.

    Room Types

    Hotel Kaneyamaen offers many types of rooms. There is a total of ten room types to choose from, and three of these room types have a private outdoor hot spring.


    This extremely spacious room comes with an outdoor hot spring with an amazing view of the area and some even of Mount Fuji.


    There is only one room of this room type, but it is the best room in the entire hotel. With the fantastic view of Mount Fuji from the room and the outdoor hot spring, this suite room comes with a full kitchen, living room and even an indoor garden.


    The rooms in Miyamatei are all traditional Japanese tatami rooms. They are big enough to have groups stay in them as well as families, and couples.

    Hot Spring

    Hotel Kaneyamaen also has western rooms with beds in various sizes and other traditional tatami rooms in various sizes.

    Outdoor Hot Spring: Mount Fuji

    This amazing hot spring is a three level hot spring with the most gorgeous view of Mount Fuji.

    Red Fuji
    This indoor hot spring also provides a great view of Mount Fuji.

    Red Fuji: Outdoor Area

    This is the outdoor area of the Red Fuji hot spring. There is a hot spring nesteled amongst the rocks and a waterfall. Of course, this hot spring has a view of Mount Fuji.


    One of the biggest features of Hotel Kaneyamaen is the garden. Japan is known for the four seasons showing very different sides and how each one is very distinct in its nature. The garden at Hotel Kaneyamaen does a fantastic job of showing the various faces of nature in each season.

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