3 Places to Stay Near Narita Airport

  • Narita Airport (成田空港) is one of the biggest airports in Japan. When you come to Japan, many of you will come through this airport. You can start enjoying your stay in Japan right from there! Sometimes you will arrive at the airport late at night or you will need to arrive there the night before to catch an early flight.

    What should you do in such cases? Where can you stay within close distance of Narita Airport? In this article, I will show you main three ways to stay in and around Narita Airport.

    1. Narita Airport Rest House

    This is the only one hotel in Narita airport. you can reach it by foot from the North Wing, or you can go there by bus from terminal 1 or terminal 2. It, on average, costs from 3000 yen to 9000 yen, and you can choose many options like breakfast, dinner, smoking rooms and etc. It will be the most comfortable way to stay in Narita airport.

    Check out more information on rooms, rates, and facilities here!

    2. Nine Hours Narita Airport

    This hotel is one of the unique types called “capsule hotel”. In capsule hotels, there are many sleeping cells that look like capsules. This type of hotels are usually cheaper than normal hotels. In Nine Hours Narita Airport, the sleeping spaces are divided into two areas for men and women. You can use shower room, restroom, and shower stand. Amenities such as shampoos, conditioners and body wash are also provided for free. In addition, you can check-in and out in 24hours! That’s useful when you are waiting your super early or super late flight.

    Check out more information on rooms, rates, and facilities here!

    3. Sleep at the Airport

    This may be your final choice, or for some it might be the first choice. Just sleep in the airport! If you do not want to spend money to stay near the airport, this may be a good idea. Inside the airport, there is a space where travelers can sleep, which are located on the first floor of each terminal. Also, you can access free WiFi and power outlets.

    Which place do you prefer? Enjoy your stay in or around Narita Airport!

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