Setting Up A Budget According to the 4 Accommodation options in Tokyo

  • In Japan, there are many different types of places that you can stay in, not just the normal hotel! In the UK, there are really only two options, a hotel or a hostel (which are not always great quality). However, in Japan, there are many different options in terms of where you can stay.

    1. Hotel

    Japan is a country of rich heritage and enjoys a booming national tourism network, where Japanese people visit different regions of Japan. Now international tourism is growing and is higher this year than any before! A hotel is the most common way of a traveller staying in the country they are visiting, and Japan has plenty to offer. A quick search can find over 700 hotels in Tokyo alone! Hotels in Japan can vary wildly in terms of the size of rooms, what they offer and their service options. Especially in busy cities, such as Tokyo, some hotels are very small and offer very few extras, but can be great value for money. Other hotels in the capital are incredibly plush, offer amazing views and have many free bonuses for staying there. For example, the Hilton Tokyo has a pool, sauna, free WiFi, food and even a tennis court on the roof! This is certainly luxury travel! Hotel rooms in Tokyo are notoriously small, but at the Hilton it is more like staying in an apartment.

    3. Capsule

    Capsule hotels are unique to Japan and are something many travellers wish to try. Capsule hotels are an ingenious idea to make the most of the space available in a hotel, which is especially important in Tokyo where real estate is at a premium. Instead of a room guests sleep in tunnels set into the walls, which will contain bedding and other things such as an alarm clock or TV. Even though it is a cheaper option some capsule hotels give extras too, such as WiFi or amenities (tooth brush etc.). These are great places for businessmen to stay while on a work trip as they are cheap and comfortable… and not something you’ll see outside of Japan!

    2. Hostel

    Hostels are known the world round for cheap and cheerful accommodation, and Japan in no exception, although you may find some interesting hostels here. Many of the hostels in Japan have multiple options for different rooms, such as dormitory, private or even traditional Japanese style. Anne Hostel Yokozuna is a good example of this, offering extras such as girl only dorm rooms. Prices here are even lower than a capsule hotel so are really good value with the added bonus of free WiFi and a kitchen to prepare your own food and cut costs even more.

    3. Ryokan

    A ryokan is a traditional Japanese inn that originated in the Edo period of Japan with traditional features such as tatami matt floors and futons to sleep on. Ryokans are often one of the most expensive places to stay when in Japan, although there are some at more reasonable prices. Ryokan are generally in very scenic areas, although some are more newly built in urban environments such as in Tokyo. Ryokan often also have onsen or baths within them which the guests can use. By staying in a Ryokan, you can be transported back to ancient Japan and experience the way of life there, even in the heart of the biggest city in Japan. Ryokan Asakusa Shigetsu is located in historic Asakusa, a big hub of tourism in Tokyo, they offer shared baths, WiFi and traditionally decorated restaurants. Although the price is high everyone should try a Ryokan for the authentic Japanese feel.

    Tokyo has a lot to offer in terms of accommodation, and your trip can be as budget or expensive as you like depending on where you want to stay. Although many people think Japan is expensive, by staying in cheaper types of accommodation it is accessible to many people.

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