Fantastic Ryokans in Hakone With Relaxing Onsen and Delicious Food!

  • Why stay in Hakone?

    Have you ever thought of staying in an onsen (Hot spring) facility? For many people, staying in an onsen ryokan would be a great unforgettable experience to have in Japan. In this article, I want to recommend you the two best Ryokan with hot springs in Hakone Onsen Area.

    Hakone is close to Tokyo, you can access it in 85 minutes from Tokyo by train. Staying in Hakone is one of the best choices to make when you are around Tokyo.

    Hakone Setsugetsuka

    This is one of the most famous Onsen Ryokans (温泉旅館) in Hakone. All rooms in Setsugetsuka have private hot springs, this is the greatest charm of this ryokan. Also, there are various kinds of public onsens available. Each of them has a unique and different atmosphere. You can also have different experiences depending on when you bathe, in daytime or nighttime. In addition, dinners in Yukigekka are simply wonderful. You can choose to have a dinner in either of two restaurants, Kacho(花鳥)or Fugetsu (風月). You can try ozen (Japanese traditional onsen dinner, it is a variety of small Japanese dishes served at once) in Kacho, or you can eat shyabu-shyabu and sushi in Fugetsu. Yukigekka is located near Gora station, it is just one minute by foot from there, so you can access it easily.

    Yui no Yado “Yaeikan”

    The hotel is ranked first on a Japanese popular booking website among “the most popular onsen ryokans in Kanto area”. It is located near Hakone-Yumoto station, and it only takes 5 minutes of walk from there. There is Onsen-Gai(温泉街) near Hakone-Yumoto station, and you can enjoy shopping or eating in a traditional Japanese atmosphere. Yaeikan is located next to the river, so you can enjoy great views from your own room. You can also have meals served directly into your room without being bothered by people and noise. It has several types of rooms, and you can choose your most favorite. There are traditional Japanese rooms and also modern rooms with convenient facilities available.