The thrills you’ve been searching for in Japan are right here! The top 5 longest Japanese roller coasters!

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  • In this article, we are going to introduce the longest of the roller coasters that Japan is so proud of!
    If you come to Japan, please take the opportunity to experience the thrill and exhilaration of riding these roller coasters!




    You can really feel the power of this roller coaster just from the angle at which you ascend. After you endure the sheer terror of the first drop, you can experience a really exhilarating ride.
    With a high altitude and beautiful scenery, we recommend this one for those of you who prioritize exhilaration.

    Name of amusement park:Yomiuri land
    Japanese notation:バンデット(よみうりランド)
    Free pass charge:4,000JPY

    No.4:Kyoryu coaster GAO:1,663m



    Based on a dinosaur theme, this cool family coaster is the longest in Kyushu.
    While it’s easy for even relatively timid children to ride, it still has enough impact to satisfy adults.
    You’ll really enjoy the experience of passing over the theme park, high up in the sky!

    Name of amusement park:Green land
    Japanese notation:恐竜コースターGAO (グリーンランド)
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    Free pass charge:5,200JPY

    No.3:White cyclone:1,715m


    Possessing a truly original beauty, this roller coaster is made completely out of wood. The unique rattling and squeaking sounds of this ride add an extra layer of excitement!

    Name of amusement park:Nagashima Spaland
    Japanese notation:ホワイトサイクロン (ナガシマスパーランド)
    Free pass charge:4,500JPY〜


    With a length of over 2000m, this super long coaster boasts world class specs, such as a top speed of 130 km/h, a maximum drop of 70m and a maximum height of 79m.
    As the name implies, you can see Mt. Fuji from your seat. However, you won’t have much time to gaze peacefully at the mountain!

    Name of amusement park:Fujikyu Highland
    Japanese notation:FUJIYAMA (富士急ハイランド)
    Free pass charge:5,200JPY

    No.1:Steel dragon:2,479m


    With its peak standing higher than a Ferris wheel at 97m, this super coaster plummets down at an angle of 68 degrees, allowing you to experience the greatest thrill in history!
    When it was first introduced, it made the Guinness book of world records in four different categories, claiming its place as the number one roller coaster in Japan.
    The feeling of falling headlong as if there is no gravity almost makes you feel as if you are in outer space!

    Name of amusement park:Nagashima Spaland
    Japanese notation:ナガシマスパーランド 「スチールドラゴン」
    Free pass charge:4,500JPY〜