Try 1 of 5 Alice in Wonderland Restaurants in Tokyo For a Magical Dinner!

  • Alice in Wonderland is very popular in Japan, and there are five restaurants in Tokyo inspired by the story. The restaurants are decorated with Alice in Wonderland theme, female staff dressed in Alice in Wonderland costumes, and even some of the food is inspired by the book. If you like Alice in Wonderland, cosplay, Lolita style, cute food, kawaii stuff in general or you are simply interested in visiting a restaurant that is a little out of the ordinary, read on!

    The restaurants are open at lunch time and dinner time, and because there are so many of them, you may not need to travel too far to find one. The Tokyo Alice in Wonderland restaurants can be found in Shibuya, Ikebukuro, Ginza and there are two in Shinjuku. There is a sixth one in Osaka.

    Each restaurant looks different from the others, so even if you visit more than one, you won’t get bored. They also have different names.


    In Shibuya, you can visit Alice in a Dancing Land which is known for having a big carousel with booths that you can dine in.


    In Minami-ikebukuro, you can visit Alice in Old Castle. As the name suggests, it has the feel of a grand old castle, with rich velvet curtains and long dining tables.


    The Ginza restaurant is called Alice in a Labyrinth. It is famous for the giant tea cup in the middle of the restaurant. Yes, there are tables inside of it, so if you’re lucky you might get to dine in the giant teacup.



    One of the two Shinjuku restaurants is located near Shinjuku Station West Entrance. It is called Alice in Magical Land. It has green hedged booths in one area, red heart-shaped tables in another, and other tables look like giant playing cards.

    Shinjuku (Kabukicho)

    The other Shinjuku restaurant is called Alice in Fantasy book, located in the lively area known as Kabukicho. The two Shinjuku restaurants are the only two that have similar decor. Like Alice in Magical Land, Alice in Fantasy Book also looks a little like a maze inside, with bright green hedges separating sections of the restaurant.


    The menus are similar in all the restaurants, with a variety of appetisers and mains, some of which are Italian inspired. Some menu items look quite regular, while others are decorated to fit in Alice in Wonderland theme. If you like cute food, the desserts there are simply great.

    Desserts include green tea caterpillar parfaits and Queen of Hearts chocolate brownies. Super kawaii and very Alice in Wonderland!

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