The Naruto Exhibition in Tokyo and Osaka

  • Naruto – a wildly popular Japanese manga serial is written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. With over 700 chapters spanning no less than 15 years, it is no surprise that the exhibit is a huge hit. There are anime TV shows and a movie dedicated to the main character alone, not to mention a long-awaited stage adaptation of the series. For those who needed a quick fix, the exhibit at Roppongi Hills provided the perfect atmosphere. The Roppongi Hills exhibit was opened from April 25 to June 28th. Not to worry if you missed it as it moves to Osaka soon thereafter (to Culturarium at Tempozan from July 18-Sept 27th)

    Naruto Exhibition



    Over 150+ artwork depicting famous scenes from the franchise are on display, along with a special video only shown at the site. The video even contains music from the Yoshida Brothers who made music specifically for the video. There is also a Naruto Exhibition Official Guest Book hand drawn by the author himself which can only be obtained at the venue. If you purchase advance tickets, the Premium Fan book gets you an additional 19 pages of manga. There are exhibits available that change on a weekly basis, so it may be worthwhile for a repeat visit!

    Naruto ramen!


    During our visit to the Roppongi exhibit the whole complex even had food and picture taking venues just for Naruto. No less than 5 ramen shops served the special Naruto occasion ramen. Some sites had downloadable apps that you could use on your smartphone to play naruto games or access special pictures. A definite must see for any Naruto fan!

    Naruto Exhibition website *Japanese only

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