See the best of Tokyo in 3 hours: the guide for busy people

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  • Maybe there will be a chance for you to visit Tokyo for a particular purpose. But because you are busy and only have very little time to go around the city, you cannot spend much time sightseeing. But don’t worry, because even with very little time you still can get the most out of amazing Tokyo!

    There is a list of places that you can visit and take their pictures of, let’s say in only around 3 hours. However, it is important to note that you have to move fast, and can’t stop for things like eating in a restaurant if you really want to catch up. What are these places?

    1. Shibuya Crossing (15 minutes)

    The most famous intersection in Japan. Shibuya crossing is also the icon of Tokyo. Either in the morning or night, Shibuya is always busy with the crowd of moving people like students, shoppers, business people, couples, commuters and etc. Shibuya crossing is one place that you simply have to see in this city.

    2. Hachiko Statue (Shibuya) (15 minutes)

    From the intersection, you can walk back to Shibuya station and will see Hachiko statue. This statue became especially famous ever since the movie about the dog and its master cam out. Hachiko statue has now become popular among tourists and is a popular meeting spot.

    3. Harajuku (30 minutes)

    From Shibuya station, you can start heading to Harajuku and go to Takeshita Dori street. As you may know, this place is a center of extreme culture and fashion style of the young Japanese. Takesita street is a symbol of Harajuku, and consists of countless stores and cafes aimed at the young Japanese.

    4. Koishikawa Korakuen (30 minutes)

    This is one of Tokyo’s oldest and most beautiful Japanese gardens, and was built during Edo period. Same as the other Japanese gardens, Koishikawa offers beautiful ponds, beautiful trees, stones and man-made hills. This garden can be reached in 5-10 minutes of walk from JR Suidobashi station, or Korakuen station.

    5. Tsukiji Fish Market (30 minutes)

    Finally, the largest and the busiest fish market in Japan! However, Tsukiji fish market is not open every day so you have to check its market calendar and the english page before you go!


    After all, please spare time for moving and waiting for trains (around 1 hour). Enjoy the beauty of Tokyo city!

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