A selection of 6 superb okonomiyakis with authentic Osaka flavor.

  • Osaka has so much delicious food that it is said people will ruin themselves through overindulgence.
    There are many specialities such as takoyaki and kushi-age, but this time I am introducing well-known okonomiyaki shops.
    I will introduce not only standard shops, but also places where you can eat unique versions of okonomiyaki!

    Kyochabana Minamifunabashi brunch

    A comfortable shop where you can have new, original okonomiyaki.
    My recommendation is the tomato and avocado okonomiyaki.
    Both of these ingredients further deepen the flavor and make for more delicious okonomiyaki.
    And on top of that, tomato and avocado are healthy and recommended for women.

    Japanese notation:◆京ちゃばな 南船場店
    Hours:11:00 ~ 14:00 17:00 ~ 26:00

    Fukutaro head store

    An okonomiyaki shop with a neat, clean atmosphere that makes stopping by easy.
    The combination of braised tendon meat and large amount of green onions in the suji-negi-yaki is superb.
    This is an okonomiyaki shop where no matter what you order, there are no mistakes.

    Japanese notation:福太郎 本店
    Hours:Weekday17:00 ~ 24:30 Holiday 12:00 ~ 24:00)

    Negiyaki Yamamoto head store

    If you are looking for okonomiyaki with plenty of green onions, this is the place.
    This shop, also known as the “founder of negi-yaki,” uses a homemade soy sauce tare sauce to create a full-bodied okonomiyaki.
    My recommendation, no matter what others say, is the “suji-negi.”
    The sweet braised tendon, green onions, soy sauce tare sauce, and lemon accent work together to create an indescribable fragrance and flavor.

    Japanese notation:ねぎ焼 やまもと 本店
    Hours:11:30 ~ 22:00
    Holiday:2nd Wed.

    vin jutei

    A stylish interior and exterior more like a French restaurant than okonomiyaki shop.
    Okonomiyaki here should be eaten with plenty of sauce as if it were cheese fondue.
    Of course the flavor will amaze you, but so will the resident sommelier picking your wine.

    Japanese notation:Vin樹亭(ヴァン・じゅ~・てい)
    Hours:18:00 ~ 26:00 Sat. 18:00 ~ 23:00)
    Holiday:Sun. Holiday


    Pork is a staple in okonomiyaki, but it is appropriate to call this the ultimate buta-tama-yaki. It has so much pork that anyone would be surprised to eat this.
    Carefully selected thick pork is wrapped with fluffy grilled okonomiyaki. The outside is crunchy and the inside is melty, giving it an indescribable texture!

    Japanese notation:象屋(ぞうや)
    Hours:17:00 ~ 23:00 Sun. Holiday 15:00 ~ 23:00


    What characterizes this okonomiyaki is the number of toppings and the ability to savor kimchi, the staple of Korean cooking!
    The well-braised “suji kimchi” is one gem that should not be missed in particular.

    Japanese notation:オモニ

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