Best Private Japanese Universities for International Students

  • One of the articles was telling about the best Japanese Universities that may be most suitable for you. Most of those universities, of course, are public. However, you have to know that Japan also has many excellent private universities. Of course, those universities are also well known and good for foreigners to study at as well.

    Below are some of the best private universities in Japan that international students can consider.

    1. Keio University

    Keio university is a private university located in six campuses spread across Tokyo. This university was established in 1858 and is Japan’s first modern institution of higher learning. The alumni of Keio university includes three Japanese Prime Ministers.

    2. Waseda University

    Waseda University is a private university located in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Waseda is a second private university established in Japan. The university has notable alumni including seven Prime Ministers of Japan. The university currently is holding memorandum of agreement with some prestigious universities including Yale University, University of Hong Kong and Cambridge University.

    3. Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

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    Ritsumeikan APU is one of Japan’s most culturally diverse universities and is located in Beppu City. The students here come from 131 countries. Opened in 2000 APU has become Japan’s first genuine international University. Currently APU still welcomes students from many countries.

    4. International Christian University

    Founded in 1949, ICU is a Japanese university that offers Christian and international education. Since 2002, ICU has become one of designations from seven rotary centers for international studies in peace and security around the world. Therefore, ICU coordinates with academics, researchers, and civil society in line with its aim to build responsible global citizens.

    5. Meiji University

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    Meiji university is one of the most prominent private universities in Japan. This university aims to accept 4000 students from around the world and send out 1500 students by the academic year 2020, as the part of its intellectual global common project.

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