Scenery that almost looks like it isn’t in Japan “Tottori Sand Dunes in Snow”

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  • The Tottori sand dunes are part of a large desert in Tottori city, which has the distinction of being the largest desert in Japan that the general public can enter for sightseeing.
    I will introduce you to the fairytale scenery of these Tottori sand dunes under a covering of snow.

    The whole surface is covered with pure white snow.
    The soft curves are unbelievably elegant, and the contrast with the blue sky is simply beautiful.

    Even in the snow, you can ride the famous camels.
    It costs money, but if you ride them with your children, you’re sure to make a priceless family memory.

    It doesn’t snow in the Tottori sand dunes every year, but it seems that in the last few years there have been many snowy years.