Strange Accommodations You Will Only Find in Japan!

  • Japan offers various kinds of accommodations, from Western to Japanese types. They are available at different rates, from cheaper ones to expensive. If you have a holiday in foreign countries, maybe the typical accommodations that you can choose are normally limited to hotels, apartments or villas. In Japan, the are a lot more types of accommodations. People can stay at Ryokan, Minshuku, temple lodging, Manga Cafe or Love Hotel. What are those like?

    1. Ryokan

    Ryokans are very famous in Japan. Staying at Ryokan is usually more expensive than the hotel, although you may find the cheaper ones. Ryokan is a Japanese type inn where you can enjoy real Japanese lifestyle. In Ryokans you can normally find tatami (Japanese traditional flooring), futon beds, Japanese style baths and local cuisine. Some expensive Ryokans are also equipped with Japanese gardens.

    2. Minshuku

    Minshuku can be said to be a Japanese style bed-and-breakfast (B&B) that is operated by a family. In minshuku, you will also experience a traditional Japanese lifestyle, as well as interact with a Japanese family. Minshuku can usually be found near the hot springs, mountains and ski resort areas.

    3. Temple Lodging (Shukubo)

    This is a buddhist temple in Japan that provides accommodation for pilgrims and visitors. Staying in Shukubo helps people experience the life of Buddhist monks, as well as to know the history of the temple. The visitors are also permitted to join some activities such as morning prayer. The foods that are offered in Shukubo are vegetarian foods.

    4. Manga Cafe

    Manga cafe is a popular low budget accommodation. By paying around 1500 yen, you can get the facility filled with manga libraries, internet cafe cabin, shower and free drinks. Sometimes Manga cafes might seem invisible because they only have Japanese signs in front of their buildings.

    5. Love Hotel

    Love hotels are spread all over Japan and aim to provide a short-term stay for couples who want some privacy. Love hotels normally are equipped with large bedroom and television which plays erotic tv programs, as well as particular equipment that can be used by couples.