Get First-Class Service at the Grand Prince Hotel in Hiroshima!

  • Hiroshima is well worth a visit on any budget. If you can afford to splash out a little, why not treat yourself with a stay at the magnificent Hiroshima Grand Prince Hotel?

    Hiroshima Grand Prince Hotel

    I have never had an experience staying in any other of Prince Hotels, so this might not apply to all of them.

    I booked the hotel for 7000 yen for a deluxe double room (off-season), but we reached there late and somehow the rooms were full, so they upgraded our room to a suite. It was enormous, and they had a very comfortable massage chair! Perfect after long hours of traveling.

    The best part about this hotel was its bathrooms. Each bathroom has a large window allowing us to enjoy the view of either sea or green scenery. Some rooms face the sea, which is great! You can even enjoy the sunrise; if you book the suite, the whole room is surrounded by large windows, you can just enjoy the scenery from every angle!

    But, the hotel is actually quite in the middle of nowhere of Hiroshima City. Please never consider walking there. They have a shuttle bus from Hiroshima Station or you can ride the public bus from the Bus Centre. We used the tram as we had no idea about the bus beforehand, and it was far from the nearest tram station.

    There are no convenience stores nearby but they do have a small shop in the lobby, and a few restaurants. If you are on a budget, pack some food beforehand.

    If you’re planning to visit Miyajima, you can easily go there from the dock near the hotel. They also provide a boat cruise to Etajima – a very calm island with a very nice cycling route.

    If you just don’t feel like going out, then you can enjoy the hotel’s spa, their hot springs or just walking around the beach. Unless there is a wedding going on, usually there aren’t many people around, so you can really enjoy your privacy anywhere you go.

    And not to forget, they do have a small swimming pool for the kids to enjoy with swimsuit rental service!

    So if you’re planning on visiting Hiroshima, consider staying at the Grand Prince Hotel. It has great service and facilities, and guarantees you a very pleasant stay.

    Check out more information on rooms, rates, and facilities here!

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