5 Different Types of Melonpan that You Might Not Know

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  • Meron pan or melon bread is one of the famous types of bread in Japan. Everyone seems to love it. The original Melon Pan has no melon used anywhere during the process of making it. The name most probably came from the outer crust of the bread that maybe does look a little bit like a melon.

    By the way, once you have had the Original Melon Pan (which you can find at any convenience store) here is more to try!

    1. Creamy melon pan

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    The type that you imagine the first time you heard the name ‘melon pan’. This one has real melon in the cream. You can find these in a shop called Takano (高野) in Shinjuku or a shop named Kimuraya in Ginza.
    Takano Website
    Kimuraya Ginza*Japanese Only

    2. Croissant Melon pan

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    Melon pan made from croissant dough, and sugar flakes as the crust. Crunchy on the outside and very fluffy in the inside. You can get them at Gontran Cherrier Tokyo in Shibuya.

    *No longer available

    3. Meron pan aisu

    Simply put, it is Melon pan with ice cream in the middle!

    If you look for this sign…

    …you’ll find the 2nd best freshly baked Melon Pan Ice in the world (it is said the best was his teacher’s). You can get them at Shibuya Park or Akishima Mori Town. Check their website for other branches outside Tokyo. Get ready to wait in long lines!

    Website*Japanese Only
    Access in Shibuya
    Access in Akishima Mori Town

    4. Flavored melon pan

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    Melon pan with flavour instead of the plain sweet taste. Some flavors are cinnamon, chocolate, matcha and maple.
    You can find them at Melonpan Factory branches in Ooimachi, Kachidoki, Yokohama and two other branches.

    5. Junbo melon pan

    Big-sized melon pan. Ranked as the best! You can get them at Kagetudo(花月堂) in Asakusa. But empty your schedule, as there are always lots of people lining up to get them too.

    Kagetudo Asakusa*Japanese Only

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