How to Get a Working Holiday Visa in Japan

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  • Have you ever heard about the working holiday program? working holiday program is an initiative of the government in some countries that enable young people from different (particular) countries to take extended holiday in their countries for one year or more, and to work in those countries. This program normally aims for giving international people (around 18-30 years old) the opportunity to experience culture, landscape while also being able to work.

    Working Holiday Program Initiative

    This program was initially started in Australia 1980 when this country has allowed some people from its partnership countries to come to Australia and work and live there for 2 years. The people who are under this program will possess “working holiday visa”. Most working holiday visas are offered under a reciprocal agreement between certain countries. Now, many countries are also having this kind of program. Let say more/less 62 countries offering working holiday visa to the young people from different countries under their agreements.

    Working Holiday Program in Japan

    Working Holiday Program2

    Japan is one country which offers working holiday program. The last number of the youth who obtain working holiday visa in Japan is around 10000. However same as other countries, only some particular nationals that able to get working holiday visa in Japan. Those are including: Australia, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Other conditions also should be 18-30 years old, or between 18-25 years old for Australian, Canadian, Republic of Korea and Ireland nationals.

    Working Holiday Program3

    As the concept of this program is holiday while working, you should be able to make money while in Japan. In Japan, it is easy to find the information about job from the internet, or free paper with classified ads for foreigners. You can also visit “Hello Work”, the government-run job agency in every area. Of course, there are many benefits that you can get by joining working holiday program in Japan. Most of all, it will enrich your experience and insight about living in another country. You will also learn a lot about Japanese culture and way of life. Also, you can study Japanese language that will be very beneficial for you.
    For more information about working holiday program in Japan, you can visit this Website.