Have your honeymoon at designers’ hotel, central Kyoto

  • Aside from having the best scenic places and cuisine in Asia, Japan is also a lodging place for newlyweds who seek a perfect place for honeymoon. So, for all the couples who are looking for a luxurious hotel but at an affordable price, Mume Boutique Hotel is just simply the right choice.

    “Mume” is derived from the scientific name of the Japanese Plum (Ume) called “Prunus Mume”. Hotel Mume is a four-storey building that looks like a modern residential building. It may look typical, but behind the red door, an elegant and cozy hotel awaits you. Staff are going beyond and show you what real Japanese hospitality is. The moment you check-in, they will start taking care of you until your very checkout. They will give you the feeling of being at home with their heart-warming approach. You gotta love the staff when you go there, to experience it is to believe. Another best thing about Mume Hotel, aside from their friendly staff and amenities, is it’s close enough to the main attractions of Kyoto.

    Some people have labeled it as the “hotel for honeymooners”. I even heard from staff that most of their guests are couples who are traveling or couples having their honeymoon. Hence, the hotel is just amazingly perfect for newlywed couples. It is comfortable, spacious, and really has the “lovey dovey” feeling.

    The Bar/Dining

    Upon arrival, you will be given maps of the area, basic information, and also restaurant recommendations around the vicinity. The staff speak English, good enough for a conversation as well as answering your usual tourist questions. Tea and coffee are always ready. The drinks and snacks are free during the happy hour every day at around 5 PM. Breakfast is abundant and delicious. It even varied every morning. Every meal in their dining is like having a date at a refined restaurant. Not to mention their classy and tasteful menu.


    The Moon Room

    The Flower Room

    Hotel Mume has 7 rooms in total. All of these rooms have unique styles and antique art pieces that the owner purchased from around the world. Their smallest room is the Moon room that accommodates a single or couple guests. Yet, the Moon room is really spacious even for a couple.

    Hotel Mume Website

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