4 Themed Restaurants in Tokyo You Simply Must Visit!

  • Japan is famous for its culinary art. They do not just serve your gastronomic needs but they serve it with style. But Japanese art does not limit to its cuisines’ creativity, their inventive nature leads them to creating ingenious themed restaurants drawing thousands of locals and tourists to enjoy not just the food but also the entertainment.

    Hananomai “Sumo” Themed Restaurant

    Located near a Sumo Stadium in Ryogoku, the promising tabehodai (eat-all-you-can) and nomihodai (drink-all-you-can) restaurant is an impressive themed place where you can dine while there is a real sumo wrestling entertainment happening. Offering English menus, it is a tourist-friendly place to start fulfilling your Japanese cuisine needs.

    The restaurant is not just famous for its big ring and the fight going on but they are also known for serving great Chanko Nabe.


    Ninja Akasaka

    Another very authentic Japanese themed restaurant is Ninja Akasaka. Visiting the place is like visiting a ninja mansion with cool and fun tricks everywhere, especially when you have to take several ninja steps just to reach your dining table. Another great thing about the restaurant is that its concept is not limited to Japanese cuisines, but you get to have options of Italian, French, Chinese and a variety of pastries as well.


    Hello Kitty Cafe

    Who does not know Hello Kitty? The kitten is not just popular around Asia, but it has reached the western countries. That is why one of the most frequented themed restaurants is Hello Kitty Cafe. Even if you are not a fan, you would love the cute, girly and pink interior decorations. The cafe is not just about the Hello Kitty ambiance, but the very cute presentation of its drinks and pastries are splendid.

    Café de Miki with Hello Kitty in Tokyo and Hyogo is available.

    *Both shops are closed permanently as of 2018.

    Cat Cafe Calico

    If you are not that satisfied with Hello Kitty Cafe and you really want a real cat on your side while dining, then you might as well visit Cat Cafe Calico. Literally, you get to dine with cats since these fluffy creatures are everywhere. You can pet them, you can hug them, and take unlimited photos with the adorable felines.

    Shinjuku Cafe Access

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