4 best restaurants for otherworldly dining experience, Tokyo

  • Don’t you know that Japan has couple of themed restaurants that does not just give you tummy pleasures but a totally offers complete entertainment? These themed restaurants are just some of the amazing and fun dining places spread all over the country.

    Alice Restaurant

    Looking for something fun and magical, dining in Alice’s Restaurants offers a complete sense of wonder. From the moment you walk through the door you will be embraced to a magical feeling. The ambiance is a complete depiction of Alice in Wonderland storybook. The waitresses, tables and chairs, ceiling works and even the food, all is Alice-themed! There is no other restaurant as magical as this.

    Alice Ginza Access

    Vampire Cafe

    For ‘Twilight’ and ‘Vampre Diaries’ fans, Vampire Cafe is the right place. It’s a place where creeps and fun mix together, creating a wonderful theme restaurant for those who want to have a rather different dining experience. It looks like Dracula invited you to dine in his mansion, serving you bloody food and drinks.

    Vampire cafe website

    Christon Cafe

    Christon Cafe is a goth haven. The restaurant is a great photo opportunity for it is an impressive gothic cathedral with dramatic interior. With its English menu and friendly staffs, you source of fun wouldn’t be limited only to its exciting ambiance but you’ll enjoy the service as well!



    Living up to its name LUXIS (“luxury” + “oasis”), the restaurant is an impressive aquarium that emanates sophistication. The delicious food and huge aquarium filled with marine life that engulfs the atmosphere creates a very luxurious dining experience. The calm ambiance and soothing fish add up to this tranquilizing venue for most intimate conversations and formal dining.


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