Weirdest Japanese cafes that will surely amuse you, Tokyo

  • From weird, magical to luminous restaurants, Japan has it all. This country is home to numerous themed restaurants making it the perfect place to try something new!


    Zauo is a catch and eat restaurant where you really have to work hard for your dinner. It is a perfect place for family and friends where long conversations over dinner are expected. The fun and thrill of catching your own meal is its number one attraction! Go fish without scorching heat of the sun and in a very friendly and cozy ambiance!

    Zauo Shinjuku Access

    Robot Restaurant

    In one of the basements in Shinjuku is the famous Robot Restaurant where entertainment is more enormous than the drinks and food. Its entry fee includes a bento and a three-hour long show of giant robots, women dancing in colorful and neon outfits, and so much more.


    Lock Up Cafe

    A horror themed restaurant chain spread all over Japan is a fun and creepy way to enjoy your meal! The restaurant gives you a real prison experience with its walls, lights, decorations and even the waiters’ uniforms. There are private cells that can accommodate couples and are perfect for celebrating occasions such as birthdays, reunions, family and friends gathering.

    Shinuku Lock-up Access


    Finally got to check out one of Tokyo’s many wacky/spooky themed restaurants! #alcatrazer

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    If Lock Up Cafe was too soft for you, expect a fun night when you are headed for the Alcatraz E.R. It is a place for cocktails and outrageous menu. Outrageous in a sense that food and drinks are presented in a fun and wacky way. There are ‘inappropriate’ desserts, creepy drinks, and funny cocktails. It may not be a place for family with kids, but for a group of adults who want to have a different kind of experience, Alcatraz E.R. is a very funky place to dine at.


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