Share a drink with Penguins in Kobe!

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  • Japan is famous for its variety of crazy bars and restaurants. There are Maid Cafes in Tokyo, Monkey restaurants in Utsunomiya, Prison-themed restaurants across Japan, and, my personal favourite, a Penguin Bar in Kobe. That’s right, there really is a bar in Sannomiya, only about 10 minutes walk from the station, that is home to some adorable penguins!

    One of the adorable penguins at Bar Little Feat


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    Before anyone has any worries or doubts, the penguins have a large tank with lots of water to play in, and little huts if they want some privacy (!). Also, There are only ever 3 penguins at the bar, but they actually work with a total of 10 penguins. The penguins come to them from a nearby zoo, and they are on a rotation meaning no one penguin will be there twice in a row.

    Little Feat bar interior


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    Other than the penguins tank, the restaurant is not actually penguin themed! The bar itself is a very old American style, and I did find it kind of stage compared to the penguins in the room! They serve food here, although we didn’t order any when I visited. We opted for the all you can drink option and stayed there for around 2 hours. They gave us candy and potato chips as snacks along with this, which was really nice.


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    When I visited Bar Little Feat, it was actually my birthday, and so I was treated to a birthday cake too! If you call them ahead of time, they will always organise a cake during the week, or early on at weekends. The cake was delicious, so I’m guessing the food there isn’t too bad! I was also given a super cute birthday card from the penguins, which included a polaroid of my party and I with the penguins
    The staff were super friendly and helpful despite our rusty Japanese, and the cocktails were lovely! Definitely a fun place to visit if you’re staying around the Kansai area.


    Bar Little Feat
    2-12-26 Shimoyamatedori Chuo-ku Kobe Hyogo
    兵庫県 神戸市中央区 下山手通 2-12-26 フジモトビル B1F
    078-321-2369 (+81-78-321-2369)
    Sun-Thu 18:00-02:30 / Fri – Sat 18:00-04:30
    All you can drink ~3000Yen

    Bar Little Feat Website