Disney Delivers its Magic at the Splendid DisneySea Hotel Miracosta

  • If you ever want to visit DisneySea, I strongly suggest that you stay at the DisneySea official hotel Miracosta! Miracosta opened in 2001 along with the DisneySea park itself. It is situated within DisneySea and it is actually the only hotel in the world to be entirely inside a Disney theme park. Miracosta is located above the Mediterranean Harbor area in DisneySea and has an Italian port theme to the entire hotel.


    There are three different types of rooms at Miracosta: the Toscana Side, the Venetian Side and the Port Paradiso Side.

    Toscana Side

    The Toscana side is situated on the DisneySea entrance side of the hotel and is modelled after the northern Toscana region in Italy. These include the superior room, the triple room, and the Capitano Mickey superior room.

    Capitano Mickey Triple Room

    Venetia Side

    The canals running through the Mediterranean Harbor area at DisneySea are called the Palazzo Canals and the Venetia Side of Hotel Miracosta is situated next to the canals. This area has a romantic atmosphere and there is also a patio room that has a beautiful patio within the room.

    Superior Room

    Triple Room

    Palazzo Patio Room

    Port Paradiso Side

    The Port Paradiso side is located near the port within DisneySea, Port Paradiso.

    Superior Room

    Triple Room

    Special Rooms

    Venetia Side Terrace Room

    Port Paradiso Side Balcony Room

    Port Paradiso Side Harbor Room

    Port Paradiso Side Miracosta Suite

    Port Paradiso Side Il Magnifico Suite


    There are three types of restaurants in Miracosta.


    Oceano is a buffet and course menu restaurant that is modelled off of the oceans of the world, hence the name Oceano. They also have a terrace space that is made specially to watch the water shows in the Mediterranean Harbor.

    Silk Road Garden

    Silk Road Garden is a Chinese restaurant that has a lunch and dinner course menus.

    Bellavista Lounge
    The Bellavista Lounge offers a place to eat breakfast (buffet style), lunch and dinner with an amazing view of DisneySea.

    Special Offers

    One of the biggest reasons to stay at Hotel Miracosta other than its amazing rooms and restaurants is the special offers that are available to the people who stay there.

    1. You get to enter the park early!

    Whether you’re visiting DisneySea or Land, (I personally suggest visiting DisneyLand for the first day, stay at Miracosta, and then visit DisneySea for the next day or vice versa) as a person staying at Miracosta, you’ll be allowed to enter DisneySea or Land 15 minutes before the people who aren’t. You’ll have the time to ride one (or maybe even two if you run?) and grab a fast pass for whatever other rides you definitely want to ride later in the day.
    2. No need to carry souvenirs around!

    Normally, if you go to Disney you will save the souvenir shopping for last because you don’t want to lug around enormous bags of goods as you run from ride to ride. If you stay at Miracosta, you won’t have to worry about that! Miracosta has a special service where they deliver anything you buy at any shop within the park to your hotel room for free. How great is that?!

    3. Free rides on the Disney Resort Line

    The Disney Resort Line will be your main way of transportation throughout the Disney parks during the day and the way you will be getting back to your hotel. If you stay at Miracosta, you won’t have to pay for any of your rides on the Disney Resort Line as you will receive a free pass.

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