3 Recommended Guesthouse Search Websites

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  • Where would you like to stay in Japan? Do you want to stay at a luxury hotel? Or do you want to experience Japanese culture at Onsen Ryokans?

    But don’t forget about guest houses! In guest houses, you can communicate with people from all around Japan and all over the world. If you want to stay at a guest house, I want you to recommend you a few Japanese guesthouse search websites. There is much more information on the Internet than on the guide books. Below are the most useful websites to find a guest house in Japan!

    1. Guest House Bank

    On this website, you can search guesthouses all around Japan. It mostly offers accommodations around Tokyo. The website has English version, as well. You can search by location, by features (such as room features, building features or neighborhood features) or by free keywords. You can also check special offers, new arrivals and guest houses which are available right away.

    Guest House Bank

    2. Furatto (ふらっと)

    On this website, you can search not only for guest houses or hostels in all around Japan, but you can also find a lot of information about sightseeing spots and restaurants around those guest houses. You can also read blogs related to travelling around Japan. This website is useful not only for searching guest houses but also for some general information about travelling in Japan.

    Furatto *Automatic translation

    3. E-guest house

    On this website, you can look for both guest houses and share houses. This is one of the biggest websites for searching guest and share houses. This site is mainly for people who want to stay in Japan for a longer periods of time. It provides English page as well. You can search by location on the map. In addition, you can find each town information!