3 Recommended Japanese Summer Festivals

  • Did you miss the spring season? The Cherry Blossom festivals, the vast flower fields blooming across the country or the strawberry picking activities during that season? Well if you have booked your flight during summer, there is nothing to worry about because Japan’s summer festivities are just as fun as those of any other time of the year.

    Local Festivities



    It is common knowledge in Japan, that summer is the best time of the year to join local festivities. That is because you can stay up lat at night to enjoy the entire course of the festival’s program, because there will no longer be chilly air, icy wind or the show. Hence, expect the festivals to last till night. There will be men and women wearing yukatas, parades, and numerous outdoor souvenir and food shops. The greatest part of these summer festivals is they are often concluded with massive and awesome firework display.

    Fuji Rock Festival



    This is an annual event of music and festivities usually held in Niigata Prefecture. Hundreds of both local and international musicians along with their crowds of fans grace the event making it the biggest music festival in Japan. It is named Fuji Rock Festival because the first event was held at the base of Mount Fuji. This year (2015), Fuji Rock festival will start from July 24 to July 26 in Naeba Ski Resort. If you are planning to join the three-day concert, you better book your accommodation ASAP or better yet bring your tent with you.

    Fuji Rock Info

    Sapporo Summer Festival



    Japan does not only host 3-day long festivals, it actually hosts a month-long and even longer ones. Sapporo Summer Festival is drawing millions of locals and tourists each year to enjoy the massive beer garden in Odori Park. The festival includes dances, bazaars, fireworks display, firefly watching and a lot more. There are so many activities happening for a month or even longer throughout the entire event. It is that fun!

    Sapporo summer festival info

    It is finally summer! Aren’t you excited about all the outdoor activities summer season promises each and every one of us? There will no longer be freezing waters, cold nights and numbing winter air. It is definitely the perfect time of the year to enjoy every bit of outdoor activities Japan has to offer!