Looking for an apartment? Stay in a Leo Palace21

  • Are you planning to study or work in Japan for a year or two? Are you looking for the best apartment that would fit your needs during your short-term stay here? In This article, I will introduce the apartment which I think is good for short-term workers or foreign students.

    The Apartments

    The apartment’s name is Leo Palace 21. Leo Palace21 is an apartment company which has many apartments everywhere in Japan. They have offices in major cities. There are 195 offices situated in and outside Japan. Leo Palace21 apartments are foreigner-friendly. They have a website which is in English and they also have staff that can assist you in English. The tenant screening is pretty simple and there is no need for a guarantor. Rooms are internet ready, can be shared with up to three friends and has excellent security system using the video intercom and the card key.

    Apartment Tour


    Leo Palace1

    Leo Palace2

    Leo Palace3

    Leo Palace4

    The Leo Palace21 apartments are boxed-type apartments with chic, modern, and country-style designs. It is usually a two to three-story apartment building.


    Let’s take a look inside.

    Bed and storage

    Leo Palace5

    Bed and closet

    Leo Palace6

    Zairai type

    Leo Palace7


    Leo Palace10

    Leo Palace8

    Leo Palace9

    Fold-away table

    Leo Palace11


    Leo Palace12

    Toilet and bath

    Leo Palace13

    Washing machine

    Leo Palace14

    Rental Plans

    Renters can choose from the following contracts

    1. Monthly contract

    This contract is good for those who often visit Japan in short-terms (stays from 30 days and up) for business purposes and want to stay in their own apartment rather than staying in a hotel. This is also good if you want to save on the initial expenses when moving in and if you do not have friends in Japan who can help with you. There is also no deposit or gratuity fee, whereas, in Japan, it is common to pay two months in advance when you rent an apartment. No need to pay the utilities, whereas usually it will cost about 20,000 yen per month for utilities. Right of room use can be purchased at the prepaid system which can be used in separate occasions.

    2. Chintai Contract

    This contract is good for those who are staying in Japan for a couple of years and want to have their own space. Either you don’t want to spend on buying necessary furniture and appliances or you want to buy your own furnishings and keep a personal touch of your own space, this contract is good for you since you can choose between furnished or unfurnished apartment. There is no brokerage fee for Chintai contract, whereas on average, the fee is equivalent to one month rent.

    3. Short-term Plan plus Chintai contract

    This is good for those who are coming for the first time in Japan and wants to rent an apartment using the monthly contract and then switch to Chintai contract while gathering the necessary documents.
    Leo Palace21 Website