Japan is indeed safe, but how to make your stay even more secure?

  • HOW TO
  • Japan has been well known as one of the safest countries in the world. Because of its safety you don’t have to worry about most of the things. Yes, it is true that the roads in Japan are well organized and everything is clean. Thieves and pick pockets are also very uncommon here. Japan also prohibits its citizens to posses a gun unless they have a proper license. Moreover, the lifestyle of people make this country seem peaceful. However, it is mandatory to always take care and be cautious. As you are not guaranteed nothing bad will happen!

    So how to keep safe during your stay in Japan? What are the main things you need to worry about?

    1. Avoid walking around very quiet places at night

    As you may know, many Japanese people have a habit of drinking. Many people like to drink after finishing their work, and they get very drunk. When people are drunk, they are not aware of what is happening to them and what they are doing. So it is better to avoid walking down the quiet streets at night, or just walk with you friend if possible.

    2. Always lock your door


    This is also related to the Japanese habit in drinking and getting drunk. If you live in as apartment in Japan, it is important to always lock your door. There are cases when people get drunk and they don’t realize that they walk into other people’s apartment, because they think that it is their own.

    3. Take care when crossing the street


    Mind the traffic light. Cross the street when the light turns green and don’t cross when it is red. Sometimes when people are preoccupied with something, they forget to look at the traffic light. Japanese drivers obey the traffic light signals. When the light is red they really stop, but when the light is green, they run the car and don’t even look around. In many situations their speed is quite high. So, the traffic lights really control the road.

    4. Take care when riding a bicycle

    There are many Japanese young people that ride bicycles very fast. If you are not careful, your bicycle may crash with theirs. Therefore, it is important to be careful when riding a bicycle and watchful when somebody else is riding a bicycle very fast to avoid the accident.

    5. Prepare some emergency food

    Earthquakes in Japan are very unpredictable. They can suddenly come at night when you are sleeping. So just be prepared to anything that may or may not happen. It is advisable to keep some dry foods that you can keep for a long time, just in case a disaster occurs.