Winter Wonderland: Hokkaido Ice Hotels

  • How are you feeling? Since summer is already here, you already might be feeling too hot. I like summer, but I do not like days that are too hot. When it is stifling and humid, I start wishing for snow and ice like in winter. So to feel cooler and escape from hot summer days, let’s imagine a hotel made of snow and ice. Sweden is famous for such hotels, but there is also this kind of a hotel in Tobetsu, Hokkaido. In winter, you can enjoy staying in the hotel made of ice even though you are in Japan!

    Snow Country


    Tobetsu has a strong connection with Sweden. Thanks to this, Tobetsu started to create hotels and other buildings made of snow and ice at Sweden Hills Golf Club in winters. This town is located near Sapporo, the capital city of Hokkaido. It takes about only 1 hour to get from Sapporo to Tobetsu, and transportation is easy.

    The motto is “enjoy winter and the life of snow country”, he event is called “Ice Hills Hotels of Tobetsu”. There are four buildings made of snow and ice. One is a reception desk called “Royce Ice Bar” and the others are “Ice Hills Hotels” where you can stay. Three hotels are designed by an artist from Hokkaido, and every hotel has a unique atmosphere.

    Ice Bar


    This is Royce Ice Bar. The inside of the building is silent and is warm, although it is snowy and windy outside. Thick ice and snow shutout the harsh outside environment. All equipment such as tables or chairs are also made of ice. You can have a drink from an ice glass!

    Ice Rooms


    There are three hotels where you can stay. Each of them has a different style. The picture above is just one of them. You can see beautiful patterns on the snow wall. This room was designed by Midori Hagiwara, an illustrator from Hokkaido. The annual ice rooms are hosted by Cross Hotel and are located on its territory.

    Can you imagine staying at an Ice hotel? It would be a great experience. Now I can’t wait for winter to come, even though summer has just begun.

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