In the Surreal World of Final Fantasy Cafe, Tokyo!

  • If, like me, you are a fan of Japanese video games, I’m sure you’ll have played at leafs one iteration of the Final Fantasy series of games from Square Enix. And, if you enjoyed them as much as I did, you probably wished you could visit some of the places in these games as well…Just me? Well, either way, fans of the game can enjoy a really cool experience in Shinjuku, Tokyo at the Square Enix Cafe!


    The cafe serves a selection of Final Fantasy themed foods and drinks, all of which look spectacular and have been decorated with Final Fantasy themed motifs, such as the Chocolate Chocobo Pancakes (below).


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    The drinks are pretty amazing too, they have everything you would expect at a cafe, coffees, tea, hot chocolate. After 5 p.m, they serve alcoholic cocktails, which looked awesome. Sadly, we didn’t know this and arrived earlier on and missed out on those! Aside from this, they also have some themed non-alcoholic cocktails. My favourite of which was the ‘Potion’ cocktail (below) which was nice and fresh, and really perks you up- just as potion should!


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    The decorations inside the cafe are also really great and add to the magical fantasy feel of the place. From the red napkins with the logo of Tifa’s bar from FF7 too, the giant crystal floating in crystals in the figurine sales room (below).


    There are also loads of great souvenirs you can buy here based on both Final Fantasy, and the equally popular Dragon Quest game from the same company – Square Enix. They have figurines for a few thousand yen, all the way up to fancy jewellery that goes for a lot more!


    If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, or any other Square Enix game, then this cafe is definitely a place you’ll want to visit! Well done Japan – another amazing themed cafe from you!

    Final Fantasy Cafe

    ARTINA (sqaure enix cafe)
    1F Shinjuku Eastside Sqaure 6-27-30 Shinjuku, Tokyo, 160-0022

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